In the case of the alleged gang rape in Freiburg has taken the police of a ninth Suspect. An 18-year-old man from Syria standing in the urgent suspicion, police said. Body traces of him had been found after the fact on the clothes of the victim. The balance with him voluntarily submitted a saliva sample to investigators had come inside, and investigators on his trail.

The man had been arrested on Thursday night in Emmendingen near Freiburg. He lived there, according to the figures, in a refugee accommodation. The police, he was already due to other acts of violence, drug offences and insult known. The Prosecutor’s office has already issued a warrant against him, said a spokeswoman for the investigative authority. The man had stopped on the night she was killed in the Disco. He had been interviewed by the police and a saliva sample requested. The investigation managed to success.

one and a half months, in mid-October, had been raped, according to investigators, an 18-Year-old in Freiburg after a disco visit of at least ten men. Eight men were arrested in the days after the fact: seven Syrians at the age of 19 to 29 years of age and a 25 year old German. You sit in detention.

A suspect is still

Now the police are looking for in the case of another man. Of him DNA had been found after the fact also tracks. The Landeskriminalamt (LKA) in Stuttgart, from the values of traces and by searching databases, said a police spokeswoman. In addition, after the fact, in Freiburg, Germany formed an investigative group, Club, work in full swing.

main accused in the case is a now-22-year-old Syrians. According to police, he had left the Club around midnight, accompanied by the 18-year-old woman. Both had gone to a nearby forest. There, at the time of the murder of 21-year-old man is said to have raped the young woman. Then he should be returned to the Club. There, he told several men that the woman lying defenseless in the forest. These were then gradually went to the young woman, and you should have also raped. The woman is said to have consumed intoxicants in the form of tablets, probably Ecstasy, and an “open” drink, it said.

Against the man not the information already before the fact, an arrest warrant, was arrested, he, at the time, but. Police and policy are therefore in the criticism.

The 22-year-old main suspect should be noticed according to the interior Ministry in Stuttgart since his arrival in Germany in October 2014 with 29 offences. He is considered intensive perpetrators. After Germany, he was the reunification came in authorities circles, according to the family.