Cristiano Ronaldo has to fear because of the levied against him of rape allegations no criminal consequences.

In the case of Mayorga it comes to a judicial procedure, the district Prosecutor’s office of Clark County announced on Monday. The authority declines to pursue the allegation of sexual Assault further.

The former Model Kathryn Mayorga had accused the football player of Juventus Turin, on 13. To June 2009, in a hotel room, the game Paradise, Nevada raped.

“Based on a Review of the information provided (…) can not be proved, the allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo regarding a sexual Assault without a doubt,” informed the district Prosecutor’s office in Las Vegas. (red)

What is it?

a Party-night in June 2009, in Las Vegas. Ronaldo spent the evening with Kathryn Mayorga in a Club. The evidence of Videos and pictures of the two. Later it came to Sex. Ronaldo described the sex as consensual, Mayorga speaks of rape.

What are the specific allegations are?

In the “mirror” is the story of Mayorga in the evening from their point of view. You have met Ronaldo at a Club in Las Vegas. After a short conversation, the football star, who moved in this summer, straight from Manchester United to Real Madrid have asked for their phone number. “I gave it to him, and he was gone,” said Mayorga.

a Little later she gets a text message from the then 24-year-old Ronaldo. You should come over. With a friend she goes. In the Suite arrived, go in the Jacuzzi. Mayorga goes before into the bathroom to change. Then suddenly came Ronaldo in, his Penis was hanging out of the pants. “He stood next to me and wanted me to touch his Penis. He begged me: only for 30 seconds! I said no. And then he said I should take him in the mouth.”

Despite the multiple “no” and “Stop”-Call of Mayorga Ronaldo is not giving up. “He has tried, in my underwear, not pull off what he managed but. I then rolled together and trying to protect my Vagina with both hands. And then he is on top of me and raped me anal”, says Mayorga next.

Ronaldo is said to have paid the woman, then 375’000 of dollars hush money. Mayorga has signed in connection to a contract, out of fear for themselves and their family, how to say it. This agreement is now being challenged in a civil suit in the U.S. state of Nevada.

What Ronaldo says?

He denies everything. He described the allegations as “Fake News”. Later, he took to Twitter a little more detailed position. The Portuguese wrote: “I reject the accusations made against me, of course. Rape is a heinous crime that goes against everything I stand for and what I believe in. I would like to clear my name, refuse me but, the show and the media of fuelling, which was created by people who want to enrich with my name on it.”

What are the consequences?

The Las Vegas police, announced in the autumn, to open the act of 2009 and to initiate an official investigation. In July 2019, the district is known to the public Prosecutor’s office of Clark County (Las Vegas) that no charges will be charged for sexual Assault against Ronaldo. Such an act could not be unequivocally proved. (nim)