With a new bad mesh, try to Cyber-Criminals ripping off at the moment, bona fide Swiss. To receive an E-Mail with the message that the user receive a Fax. With trusted brand names such as “Bluewin” should you be made to click on the Attachement with the alleged Fax.

Who does that, it loads the Ransomware Sodinokibi on the Computer. This program is a so-called encryption Trojan. This encrypts the PC of the affected Users and blocking all of files. Who wants to have access to his data, is to pay around 1500 to 2000 francs.

Not on extortion

sent Prior to the new threat of the Fake Fax, warns now, the Computer Emergency Response Team of the Federal government (GovCERT), together with the Reporting and analysis centre for information assurance (Melani). The Authorities write: “Open the Attachment and delete the e-Mail.” Suspicious Mails to anti-phishing.ch are reported.

The Federal government recommends against the extortion to take. Firstly, it is not certain whether the data will be decrypted then really and it has back access, and, secondly, whether the malware is really removed from the System or whether further extortion attempts. Furthermore, criminal organizations would be strengthened.

you can do

Has been captured for a User, the Ransomware Sodinokibi, has to be placed in the computer system. Melani recommends to disconnect the computer immediately from all networks to install the System, and change all passwords. For such cases, it is important that you create regular Backups of your important data that you can play back according to the new draft of the computer.

to protect against attacks, there are the following General tips: Windows system and all programs installed to always keep it up to date and install Updates. A good virus protection and a Firewall and regularly update. Regularly back up all important data, the Medium with the backup, then disconnect it from your Computer. And finally, be wary of any unexpected E-mail from the unknown, but also well-known senders. No instructions in the Text to follow, no left click and no attachments will open.