The woman’s strike and the climate of youth will change this year, the Swiss policy. After the elections of 20. October 2019, the new Parliament is likely to be female, younger and greener. In comparison to the last elections four years ago, in 2019, to run more women, more Young and more environmentalists.

the green wave participates in the elections, also confirmed the latest election barometer survey Institute Sotomo on behalf of the SRG SSR. The green liberal party of Switzerland (GLP) may increase by 2.3 percentage points to 6.9 per cent vote share. And the Green even by 3.4 percentage points to 10.5 percent! At the end of August had been elected, would have retracted the Green is the best result in its history – and even the CVP obsolete.

The topic of climate protection and environmental friendliness, as determined this year, the campaigns of many Candidates. But how much of that is real and what is promise of a blank choice? The website environmental takes the eco-friendliness of the Candidates more closely.

How green the candidates really are?

The assessment of the environmental organisations Greenpeace, Pro Natura, VCS, WWF, the Alpine Initiative, Bird-Life and the energy shows, whose election promises, such as green. From 100 to zero percent, everything is available. The candidate was interviewed and candidates with a questionnaire. Of the 26 questions asked, at least 22 had to be answered. A points system then delivered the value scale.

“Around 1100 candidates have participated in our survey. It was sent on the national and cantonal party secretariats, previous members of the Council we have written to directly,” according to Marie Seidel from WWF Switzerland at the request of a VIEW. Furthermore, can contribute to candidates in the survey, because it is open to all. There are still some who might participate: certainly, 4600 people in the national Council, select – 200 seats up for grabs.

the protection of the environment: a Genuine concern or empty election promises?

a rating is Not just a promise, the choice, but also how the National and Ständeräte in the past four years, have behavior. A total of 54 national Council and 20 States were evaluated – votes. So many SP are among the current members of Parliament, are “100 percent” eco-friendly, in addition to Green politicians. Consistently against the environment 15 national councils and two Ständeräte agreed with concerns in the last four years – all of which are in the SVP.

the choice of the whole of the parties with respect to environmental behaviour can be viewed in the public Ranking. So you can see which party voted for what business like. So agreed – as expected – the Greens, SP, EVP and GLP principle concerns for the Environment. The worst environmental ranking, cut off the SVP. Only 4.7 percent of the votes, they voted in favour of ecological concerns.

Is used for the Ranking?

The average environmental friendliness of the BDP and CVP are 64 and 49 percent. In the CVP, the differences between the individual national councils, and national councils, but very large. The FDP has to concern around one-fifth for the Environment.

An interesting Ranking, but it is also used by the voters? “In the last nine days, since we have switched to the new legislature-Rating 2015-2019 up, we had around 16’500 visitors,” says Seidel. Around 1830 people per day.