Each body consists in part of fatty tissue. The proportion varies considerably.Low-calorie diets to go fat to the unwanted body, but also on the desired muscles.A skillful nutrient combination plus Sport reduces body fat and helps to a good figure.

In each of the body’s fat a Serving. The pads protect the Po or even in the sole of the foot from pressure, worry, as insulation under the skin for heat in the body and serve as energy storage. We eat more calories than we need, to fill up the fat cells under the skin and in the belly constant. Leading to a unhealthy high percentage of body and unwanted buffing fat.

Dangerous fat especially in the stomach. This so-called visceral fat is a risk factor for Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To reduce body fat, so not only optical reasons, but also health.

reduce body fat: How much body fat is normal?

Also the thinnest Model and the most buff, pumped-athletes have fat on the body. The proportion of the total weight is but little more than 10 percent. To the average man, the body to fat percentage at 15 – to- 20 percent move. Women are padded better by nature, 25-30 percent body fat than normal. The healthy body fat percentage depends on the gender, but also on the age. With the years of life, the margin of Tolerance for the proportion of fat increases. He is, however, it is reduce the body fat. Best offer on BestCheck.de

step 1: Find your body fat percentage must know

Who wants to reduce body fat, how high the percentage is. The body weight or BMI alone do not tell the fat percentage. Even slim people can have relatively a lot of body fat.

1. What is the tape measure on the body

The circumference of the abdomen fat says apply as a fist size, if someone has stored a lot of unhealthy belly fat. For women, a maximum of 80 centimeter waist circumference are desirable, men are allowed to have 94 inches.

With the tape measure of the individual’s body fat percentage even calculate. A little complicated sounding formula sets the waist circumference in Relation to body weight, and gender.

The formula for men is:

(74,11 x waist circumference in cm – 4464)/body weight in Kg – 8,2

For example: (74,11 x 90 cm – 4464)/88 Kg – 8,2 = 16,9% body fat is content

The formula for women:

(74,11 x waist circumference in cm – 3482)/body weight in Kg – 8,2

For example: (74,11 x 70 cm – 3482)/60 Kg – 8,2 = 20.2% in body fat percentage

2. Weigh and measure the body balance

Electronic diagnostic scales fat using the Bio-impedance analysis to calculate body fat, water and muscle percentage, and bone mass in the body. The method measures the electrical resistance of the different tissues power to oppose them, headed by electrodes on the basis by the body. Age, height, gender and weight are taken into account.

Different devices for the medical Bio-impedance analysis body fat scales for home use less accurate results. But they are good for the daily inspection, if the body is to fat to be reduced.

3. Folds of the skin fold measurement with a Caliper

The so-called Caliper calliper is a measuring slide for skin. The statement is simple: the thicker the wrinkles on various parts of the body, the higher the body fat percentage is, taking into account gender and age. Except on the abdomen, the forceps is applied in the case of women, the triceps and the hip. In men, the abdomen, chest and thigh are measured. PDF Low-Fat to weight loss

Our PDF guide shows you the recipe for success of the Low-Fat diet, how it works and what you should do.

PDF guide

step 2: Lower attacks the daily calorie Ration

in order for the body reserves of fat is a calorie deficit of at least 500 kilocalories per day needed. The reduction depends on the personal daily total sales. The saving may not be so drastic that the metabolism switches to the back burner. Then body and increases fat removal, it is also valuable muscle mass is lost.

calories needed to determine

Prior to the reduction of individual calorie needs must be known. This calorie calculator to find in the Internet the keyword Google. Also Fitness Apps to make this work. The basic revenue is calculated – i.e. how much energy the body at rest needs. Plus the energy needs for physical stress – whether at work or during sports. Two examples:

For a 40-year-old 90-pound man, 185 centimetres tall, the Studio goes three times a week for an hour to the gym, is the need, for example: approximately 3000 kilocalories of total sales. Nearly 2000 kilo calories are the basic revenue. To healthy lose weight it can still accommodate 2600 kilo calories.The woman of the same age, 170 centimetres tall and 70 kilograms in weight, the Studio goes three times a week for an hour to the gym, has only about 2400 calories total sales (approx. 1400 calories is the reason sales). You may for fat only 1900 pounds reduction take calories.

For weight loss, it doesn’t matter whether someone is after the FdH in the first place principle, or a diet program. But who wants to replace fat with muscle is with the step 3 as described on the Low-Carb principle at its best.

PDF Our PDF slimming with the 50 best diet tricks guide shows you how to boost your metabolism and the yo-Yo effect trick.To the PDF guide

step 3: you the food so that it is not only the body fat on the collar

– and low-energy density: vegetables, some fruit, low-fat meat, fish, good fat, dairy products and eggs – as unprocessed as possible.

The diet for a successful body fat reduction should not only be calorie conscious. Important is the composition of the food according to the “low carb”principle: more Protein, less carbs.

The diet plan is based on three pillars:

1. High-quality Protein

Per kilogram of body weight should be 2 – 2.5 grams of protein consumed. A high Protein content

protects against muscle breakdown, thus preventing a lowering of the basal metabolic rate provides for saturation, and less appetite reduces the susceptibility to the yo-yo effect.

2. Fiber-rich carbohydrates

1-2 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight daily to hold a during the body fat reduction in forces and in a good mood. A complete waiver would already weakness after a short period of time to Performance in the sport program, and mood swings. The project “reduce body fat” would quickly fail.

Complex carbohydrates such as whole grain products, oatmeal, rice and potatoes saturate for long, and to counteract a loss of energy.

Out of the way, you should go sugar, white flour products, Pasta, Snacks-Snacks.

3. Healthy fats

For maintaining and building muscle is about sought 1 gram of fat per kilogram of body weight daily. In the process, saturated fatty acids are to be avoided, which in many finished products, industrial baked goods, and Chips are included.

vegetable fats, which contain unsaturated fatty acids: coconut oil, olive oil, linseed oil, fish (cod, salmon), walnuts, and Avocado are Allowed.

step 4: Set a sports program, the fat with the muscles of the replaced

Where muscles are, has body fat no place. Since you need a lot of energy, they turn to fat consumption. To build muscle strength training is. For fat endurance training is a reduction in contrast, asked. High in the course is the High Intensity interval Training is currently HIIT, for short. This is a short, intensive, repeated loads, the both muscles as well as heart-and-demand cycle, and the fat faster than classic cardio melt.

strength training has the highest after-burn effect, and is therefore, together with the HIIT Training is the most effective Form of fat burning. Three units of 45 to 60 minutes per week should be. PDF live a Healthier life Our PDF guide shows how to remove the lighter, relaxation, stronger and fitter. Plus: the best Doctors.To the PDF guide

5. You keep up the success

Who reduces body fat, decreases. To drops at the beginning of the weight quickly. Later the body becomes accustomed to the austerity program, which decreases the metabolism rate, fewer calories are burned. Who is neglected and the Training and diet sins shall bring the fat reduction to a premature stop.

With these tips you to overcome the crisis:imagine, on a daily basis to control the body balance fat.You can document the calories intake in a food diary.Keep the sports units in a training diary in the eye.Build variants in the dining plan and new Exercises to the exercise program.The fat loss is already advanced, you may treat yourself each week for a day or two with the “forbidden” foods.

reading tip: fitness training and strength training at home: What equipment Training

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