you storm for the Swiss national football team and are a loving couple! Ramona Bachmann (28) and Alisha Lehmann (20). Both play in London, Bachmann at Chelsea, Lehmann at West Ham. Together, they live in the South of the metropolis in a two and a half room apartment.

“Between us just fits everything,” says Ramona Bachmann. The Lucerne had a girlfriend. For your partner, Alisha Lehmann it is the first relationship with a woman. You’ve fallen in love with the people of Ramona, explains the from Berne, it was generally on women.

The female Football player got to the end of 2017 in the Swiss national team to know. The two spent was love, a lot of time together, until out of friendship. For a year, you are in a relationship. “The secret of our relationship is Alisha and I tick very similar,” explains Bachmann. “We both love football, like to go shopping or do something with friends, spend the evening on the Sofa and watching series on Netflix.”

Tamynique football”

Almost daily, Lehmann and Bachmann make love pictures from the Internet and are of their Fans with the tens of thousands of Likes rewarded for it. Even as a “Tamynique of football” to celebrate some of the supporters, an allusion to the most famous woman couple Switzerland Tamy Glauser (34) and Dominique Rinderknecht (29). “This is of course a compliment,” says Bachmann. “The two of them are cool. Just like you, we also want to be role models.”

What would be in the world of men’s football is still unthinkable, is at Ramona, and Alisha is now the reality: women are open to their homosexual relationship. And the Fans are at your feet for this. “We know for our love a lot of encouragement. Men also write to us,” says Bachmann. Thoughtfully she adds: “It is really a pity that it is in men’s football in many places is still a taboo subject. I don’t understand, however, that it is with all that pressure, and the high presence quite so simple. Many want to keep their relationships private. You have to accept that.”

Fresh in the new season

this year’s Zurich Pride Festival, the Gay Community for equal rights stands for, and celebrate, the two women are not in Switzerland, but in a small town in Italy. “We are on vacation, so we are back for the new season fresh and rested and not be able to the Pride.”

The current world Cup in France and missed the Few that Switzerland does not have qualified. The start of the season in England and, for the first European championship qualification game at 3. September want to the two national team players to be in top shape again. “Alisha and I are not only private, but also on the grass a Team,” said Ramona Bachmann. “We want to start against Lithuania with the national team in the EM-Quali and the audience in Switzerland inspire.”