The reviews came thick and fast last October, enthusiastic about Rami Maleks (38) illustration of rock star Freddie Mercury (1946-1991) in the box office hit “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The headlines ranged from “awesome” to “sensational”, as the strongest proof of his power Malek received at the beginning of 2019, the Golden Globe and the Oscar as best actor. “The Globe stands next to the Oscar in my house, but where, I won’t tell you. Only that you are not in the bathroom. And that you have the Emmy for “Mr. Robot” best society,” he says to VIEW.

an Egyptian the son of Immigrants from humble beginnings

Maleks career resembles a classic Hollywood fairy tale. The son of an Egyptian immigrant family – the father, an insurance broker, and mother a bookkeeper – tries in Los Angeles as an actor. For almost ten years, except for moves, in addition to roles in the average TV series and movies little. 2015 Mr. Robot”, then Freddie Mercury, James Bond “comes – from 0 to 007, so to speak.

Malek plays an unorthodox Bond-villain

the Details of the Story content together, be guarded in the case of the Bond adventures, each better than the British crown jewels and the Faberge eggs. Easily in the cards Malek as a terrorist-villain yet: “There will be no terrorism, the ideologies or religions reflected. I wouldn’t be involved,” he says. He also sees Parallels between his Bond role and his first big success, “Mr. Robot”: “I think both can be very vicious, even if they see themselves that way.” Already as a Boy, he was fascinated by the 007 series. “The first Bond Film I’ve seen in the cinema was in 1995, “Goldeneye”, along with my father,” he recalls.

the Fifth and last appearance of Daniel Craig as a Bond

Meanwhile, filming for “Bond 25” on high speed – the ankle injury of Daniel Craig (51), in may in Jamaica, there was a break. The latest Set of images show the agents on Sunday in the London borough of Westminster. The world premiere is scheduled for April 2020.

Malek is not afraid to stand out

Malek has whether the next increase in of great Offers don’t be afraid to lose the ground under their feet. “I have a very strong family bond that makes me never forget where I came from and who I am. My twin brother would be the First that would say to me: “What do you think, who are you?”. Although he is four minutes younger than me, I see him as my older brother. And my sister is a Doctor in an emergency room Station. Your life brings my always in the right perspective.”