the Athlete believes that the club has debts before him and intends to get them by contacting these instances. Earlier it became known that Sochi has canceled a contract with the player. According to the “SE” it happened due to the fact that Rami has hidden a serious injury, because of which he will not be able to continue his professional career.

Rami moved to “Calculate” this winter as a free agent. But never managed to play a single match to a forced break in the championship of the country. The agent of the player Ruben Askew Ruiz said that the player has not received a single Euro, all the time, which was on contract at the club.

“the Contract with “Sochi” terminated – TASS quoted the agent Rami. – Know what the club claims that he was paid a salary Adil Rami. It’s a lie! “Sochi” has not paid a single Euro”. “Sochi” did not pay Adil salary for February, March, April and may. We talked about what the club has 15 days to resolve the situation. Yesterday, this period came to an end. Now we will turn to FIFA and CAS.”

the Football club “Sochi” has not yet announced the termination of its contract with Rami and did not comment on the claims of the player or his agent.