5G is a new mobile radio standard, the widely used currently around the world. 5G allows for significantly higher data transfer rates. The technology is the ongoing support at the end of the digitization of many areas of life.

the effects of the radiation emitted from mobile antennas, for years, had a big fight. This is still too little explored, emphasize the skeptics of these technologies.

For the opponents of this technology, it is proven that high-frequency radiation is detrimental to the biological life and diseases favored. With the implementation of such technologies, irreversible consequences for people and Ecosystems, and threatened to warn you.

In Switzerland, has formed a citizens Committee “stop-5G”. The collective is demanding that the Federal government imposed an immediate national Moratorium on the 5G technology until a sufficient number of independent scientific studies.

in addition to the collective demands that the limits be increased. On Bern’s Waisenhausplatz, several Speakers reiterated on Friday night has spoken of the demands.

The Federal Constitution was committed to the protection of the physical integrity, – said one of the speakers. “We can’t leave but the fact that the policy protects. We must ensure, therefore, complain that the state of its pension obligation”

The rally in Bern is expected to the first major of its kind in Switzerland. On the well-filled orphanage place estimated had gathered in the evening over a thousand people. The event attracted many passers-by in their spell. For once, the majority of participants of a rally in Bern, not in a youthful, but in a more Mature age.

supporters of The technology see no scientific evidence that the radiation would be a Problem. They point to the limits in Switzerland are on a good Level.

The Federal auction last February, the 5G mobile and wireless communications frequezen, which earned him approximately 380 million Swiss francs. In various cantons there were already efforts for a G5 Moratorium. The Federal government insisted on his sole Right to legislate on this issue. For cantonal or municipal regulations, there is no room.