For almost five years, SRF-man Rainer Maria Salzgeber (49) is a proud partner of the Baracca Zermatt in Kloten, ZH, provides with his Team, among other things, cheese specialties from his native Canton of Valais. The pub is frequented a lot – and just as diligently reviewed: More than one hundred assessments were made on the gastro platform “Tripadvisor” already.

This shows: “Salzis” pickling splits the guests! Of vollumundigen hymns of praise to harsh criticism from a whole range of opinions. To the Former, such as Vote counting: “is Very delicious. Many different fondue types. Great Quality. Very good Service,” says a visitor a week ago in the “Baracca” ass. It is very informal, you feel immediately comfortable, find another.

too much noise, Too little spice in “Salzi”

Others, however, hair is in the (cheese)soup can find in the restaurant of the future “Donnschtig-Jass”-moderator. Four distribute the Restaurant rated it as “poor”. “Cheese!” pimping a guest, he had to search in a salad for 14 francs, the promised bacon with the magnifying glass. In addition, the Fondue was cold and never became hot. “The flavor is ok, but not particularly.” It recommend to the readers of his “Tripadvisor”-criticism, to make the Fondue prefer to at home.

Several visitors complain that it was in the restaurant very loud. “Table talks are not nearly possible”, said one. Or: “How to read in the other comments: The noise level is extremely high.”

another point of criticism: the short staff and the lack of seasoning. “The only thing we have to criticize, unfortunately, is the Fondue. (…) Unfortunately, it was absolutely bland and boring. We had an enormous nachpfeffern, so it had some PEP. What a shame”, shows a visitor disappointed. Another says: “As the main dish, I was disappointed in the rice Casimir, the Curry Sauce totally Fade with Bush fruits without bananas and pineapple I true really.” A third tasted the Fondue side dish. “Verkochte, watery potatoes, a couple of ice-cold, tasteless cherry tomatoes and a simple pickled vegetables. Too bad, very unimaginative and far too expensive.”

Salzgeber had to the Board of Directors mandate

In the summer, the Baracca celebrates Zermatt in the airport, municipality of Kloten, the 5-year anniversary. The pickling of the TV stars made shortly after the opening of the headlines: First, because, of all things, the SRF-program “pomp and circumstance” reported on the Walliser Stube and later, because LOOK found that Salzgeber in addition to its function as an Investor in the Restaurant company, operator Paleon AG, whose Board of Directors sat. Because such mandates SRF-employees are prohibited, decided by the Moderator, his Board of Directors ‘ mandate by immediately abzugegen.

And as the Moderator evaluated the reviews on “Tripadvisor”? To do this, Salzgeber will be on VIEW don’t want to comment request. (wyt)