In the capital expected strong rain and storm gusts of East wind can reach 15 meters per second. The temperature will stay at around 11-13 degrees Celsius.

the same weather will I. Forecasters expect heavy rain and wind, but will be a little warmer. In the afternoon the air temperature will be 16-18 degrees.

on Thursday and Friday to come to Moscow. The day will be 20-22 degrees Celsius, will be intermittent rain in places of possible rain. On Friday, gusts of southern and South-Eastern wind reached 17 meters per second.

due to the bad weather may drop precarious structures, trees and damage power lines. Pedestrians should be careful, and drivers are advised to leave cars in garages and covered Parking.

a rich precipitation and strong winds increase the risk of congestion on the roads. Motorists need to carefully monitor compliance with traffic rules and not to make any sudden maneuvers.

security Rules: how to behave during a strong wind Useful numbers: to report accumulations of water