Railways cancel trains due to falling demand

Changes to the schedule were made “in connection with the decrease in passenger traffic due to unfavorable epidemiological situation”, said the Ministry of Railways.

Oberstab instructed to take out the Ukrainians and Russians to the homeland by train

some trains that are not in demand, temporarily run will not be. Passengers in the Railways will offer trips on scheduled routes for the same dates or close to them, but on other trains. You can also get a refund for tickets for cancelled trains in full, the company said.

the Railways have already explained that unused tickets on canceled trains can be returned through any railway ticket office. And e-travel documents passengers can take with the help of web resources, through which they were issued.

because Of the decline in demand canceled about 20 trains, and booking services, a wave of requests for ticket refunds

the Demand, apparently, fell in different directions. Canceled, for example, trains from Moscow to Saratov (N 239/240) on some dates in April and may in Belgorod (N 100/99) – in the second half of may in Tambov (N 45/46) from 24 April to 26 may and some dates in June. Will not go in April and may, some trains and on interregional routes, such as the Kirov – Nizhny Novgorod (No. 9/10), Izhevsk – Ekaterinburg (N 127/128), Yekaterinburg – Kazan (239/240).

In Kaliningrad will go only two transit trains through Lithuania

In other areas, trains will run less frequently. For example, the train Chelyabinsk – Omsk (N 12/11) in April and may will be sent once in four days, Samara – Kazan (125/126) in the second half of may from Samara will go on even numbers, and back – on the odd.

Earlier RZD reported that in passenger trains and railway stations are carried out epidemic prevention activities. All conductors, cashiers, attendants were provided with masks, gloves and skin antiseptics, regularly disinfect all areas including using abesserugiwania air and germicidal lamps.

But the threat of infection keeps many Russians from traveling, said in an interview “Russian newspaper” Professor, Department of hospitality, tourism and sport REU them. Plekhanova Elena Jangurazov. “Now we are in a state of the developing trend. In this situation, many believe that it is better to limit any trips. Travel is possible only on the closest distance from the city to the country”, – said the expert.

Photo: Natalia Fedosenko/TASS Between Russia and Belarus will continue to go only two trains

the Decline in demand by a few percent for travel on rail services, online booking began to record in the first half of March. Now went collapse. As told “RG” the representatives of the company UFS.Travel on the most popular route is Moscow – St. Petersburg departing in the period from March 23 to 29, sold by 48% less tickets compared to the previous week. Demand for tickets from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Kazan, Yaroslavl per week fell by 40-60%. Sales for the may holidays in comparison with last year has decreased by about 25%. Some wait while others are trying to return the purchased tickets. “In March this year, the load on the contact center increased threefold. The peak load was 16 March: about 10 million downloads per day”, – told “RG” the representative of service bookings “tutu.ru”.

However, the downturn in travel demand – a temporary phenomenon. As soon as the situation with the spread of the infection is overcome, the tourism will immediately go to growth, says Jangurazov. “At the first opportunity the sphere of tourism and travel will recover, people will not be able to live in isolation. Over the past two decades we have become accustomed to travelling and active life,” she says.