Railway communication between Sochi and Krasnodar will recover by the end of April

the Railway communication between Sochi and Krasnodar will restore until the end of April. At the moment a three-kilometer railway tunnel between Tuapse and the Hot Key is under renovation. Because of this, the timetables and routes have changed significantly. Some of the trains cancelled and others allowed on the alternative branch, reports GTRK “Kuban”.

At the moment, the tunnel began to lay railway track. Welding works are from morning till evening, pour the concrete. Most of the workers arrived at the construction site on a rotational basis.

Recall, Lysogorsky tunnel paved in 1978. As experts explain, because of the complex geological conditions and electro-chemical corrosion the object has long been worn out and needed to be updated.

According to plans, the overhaul will be completed April 21. To this point, to restore the former schedule of trains and their routes.

Text: GTRK “Kuban”