The last week has published the report of an Economics Professor Bruno Gehrig (71) examined the dubious acquisition deals and investments from Ex-Raiffeisen boss Pierin Vincenz (62). He was a complete oversight and control failure, but no evidence for criminally relevant behavior.

Governance expert and lawyer Monika Roth (67) criticized the report, the question of Supervisory duties of the Board of Directors and of the Mitwissens of the management. “Vincenz alone was not quite sure of the System,” writes Roth in a guest post that was published today on the financial blog “Inside Paradeplatz”.

Ceregato as mitwissende exception

it is Particularly pushing, you find the section about Pierin Vincenz’s wife, Nadja Ceregato. In the Gehrig-report, it is striking that in the case of Vincenz’s corporate people from the control areas, purchases were not or only marginally been consulted.

“the only exception is The head of the legal service, the took care, however, primarily to the legal structuring of the transaction and contractual aspects”, writes Gehrig. Is meant Nadja Ceregato.

Monika Roth doubts that Ceregato of the “at least very questionable behaviour, and the dominance of the CEO (of her husband, with whom she lived together), noticed in the company nothing”.

Inadequate Research

For Roth, it does not fit, that the Gehrig-the report says everywhere that the Monitoring of the Raiffeisen group was insufficient, but that the question of responsibility had not been investigated.

The former Raiffeisen chief lawyer and law boss Ceregato had left, Raiffeisen, after 17 years last autumn, officially.

Raiffeisen: Vincenz-Ceregato constellation is no longer possible for

Raiffeisen criticism rejects at the Gehrig-report available on request. The report will show transparent, the participation transactions for Raiffeisen Switzerland and the ceiling of the shortcomings unsparingly emphasized Raiffeisen spokeswoman Angela Rupp. Further: “in Particular, in the organization and management of Raiffeisen Switzerland the report shows a clear picture of the defects.”

The renewed Board of Directors of Raiffeisen Switzerland, have responded to the deficiencies with a comprehensive package of measures. According to Rupp, a strong culture of Responsibility has been established, the management and control, as well as the Governance improves. In addition, the constellation with the couple in the lead could not occur today. (gnc)