they mostly come at night and take a big risk: the ATM geezer, all of which are driving in Switzerland up to mischief. In the past few months have been blown up in Switzerland for at least ten ATMs. This writes the “Sunday newspaper” based on police reports. Earlier it came only a few isolated attacks.

most often, namely nine Times, have attacked the Criminals ATMs of Raiffeisen. Why only have it except the gangsters on ATMs of Raiffeisen? Especially since the Bank identical models are used, such as other financial houses.

Possible risk

One explanation could be that the ATMs of Raiffeisen are a little more populated places and Criminals, therefore, a smaller risk to be caught in the act. In addition, Raiffeisen has with 1700 ATMs, a dense network throughout the country.

it is remarkable also that most of the ATMs are blown up in cross-border regions. In the Ticino, in the Jura or in Geneva. The reason: After the attack – the perpetrators usually a Gas used in the machines streaming, and kindle then are you the prey is quickly beyond borders, and to take to the police.

average of 7500 Euro.

loot Insanely lucrative, the explosive is not, however, most of the time. Average of 7500 euros to drop the Criminal per ATM in the hands, writes the “Sunday newspaper”. The damage, however, is easily over 100’000 Swiss francs. Raiffeisen wanted to give about the attacks. (pbe)