“Finally, I am with you,” says Rory Campbell. The 34-year-old Briton, all under the modest name Rag’n’Bone Man (“rag pickers”), who was supposed to occur last year in the great hall of the Montreux Jazz festival, Auditorium Stravinski. But then he had lost due to a severe Bronchitis, the voice and had to cancel. “The fact to me at the time, really sorry! I would have sung so much then. Because the Montreux Jazz Festival means everything to me!”

in fact, Montreux has played in the career of the British from the southern English town of Uckfield an important role. At the media conference for the fiftieth Festival three years ago, at that time still completely Unknown by Festival Director Mathieu Jaton was presented and was allowed to present four of their Songs to the press. This and the subsequent first appearance at the Festival is a career-Booster for the former care personnel, the care mainly to people with autism were.

Only a few years earlier had appeared to be his first concert in the local Pub just nine spectators. Now this is different. In to the last seat filled in the Auditorium Stravinski rejoices and rages the lot.

Rory’s Hit song “Human” has taken in Switzerland, five times platinum was at us 250’000 Times worldwide, 4.7 million Times sold. Also, his latest Song, “Giant”, recorded with the electro-giant Calvin Harris, is hard to Success.

Now he stands with six musicians including a trumpeter and two nearly equal-voiced background singers on the stage, where a few days before, but not like Sting, Slash, Joan Baez and Janet Jackson put enthusiasts, and the main program of the second Montreux denies-Saturday evening, after Elton John. By the way, is a big Fan of him: “Normally, I pick up the phone if the number is suppressed,” recalls Rory. “But once I did it, and since Elton, told me how much he likes my music.”

the voice of The Rag’n’Bone Mans goes to the heart. He, too, is touched by the reactions of the audience visibly. In between, he admits: “Sorry, I am very nervous. Because of this appearance means a lot to me.”

For the audience, Rag’n’Bone Man brought a Surprise. “My new Album is 75% done and tonight we want to introduce you to some of the Songs from it.”

The new songs that follow then come as a surprise, because they are experimental, sometimes rhythmic, and faster than those of the first album. “It is the Album I’ve always wanted to. And it’s a band project, together with my Band created.”

Logically, as the addition of “Human” follows. But also because of the Rag’n’has a Bone to have a Surprise, by extending the Song to a grandiose rapped part.

Since it is clear that Rory has a lot more to it than what we already know of him. You can’t listen to him enough. With the new Album, he will increase his fast growing fan base is determined, once again, enormous.