Rafael Vitti shared a cute post on social media, celebrating Valentine’s Day with his wife, Tatá Werneck, and their daughter Clara Maria. In the post, he joked about how much he looks forward to this day every year because he knows Tatá is expecting a long and beautiful message from him. He expressed his love for her and thanked her for their wonderful daughter and for encouraging him to appear on her show, “Lady Night.”

Tatá responded to the post in a humorous way, mentioning that they still have two fights pending from 2022. The couple’s interaction delighted their fans, with many commenting on how adorable they are together.

The playful banter between Rafael and Tatá shows the strong bond they share, despite their busy schedules. Fans couldn’t help but gush over the couple’s love for each other, wishing them all the best in their relationship. Their candid and light-hearted exchange on social media is a reminder of the real and genuine love they have for each other, both online and offline.