It was an exciting day for the Rapper RAF Camora (35). In the night of Friday, his last solo album “Zenith” was released. Was celebrated in the 18th century. Floor of the Sofitel in Vienna. Previously, the diamond, the Rapper took the time to GLANCE to let his career pass by.

RAF Camora: The French part of Switzerland for me is Childhood. I have to say that the German speaking part of Switzerland differs very much from the French. Of course, such things as Bieberli and all the other things to eat from the Migros I know of a kid. Otherwise, we were drawn more to France. For example, we have watched French television. It is home to the feelings always come back when I’m in Switzerland.

The food. This is in Switzerland and definitely the best.

All kinds of chocolate. I love Ragusa, I love ovaltine. In General, I must just say that in Switzerland there are the best sweets. But the Fondue is great.

In the song “Black Raven”, published in 2010, there is a significant Line: “Take the iron down, I’ve been much as you have seen, because of this, Kurt Cobain was, but with him I was late”

In the story of the Black ravens, it was just so: Either you die, or you’re going to enter into the Pact with the ravens. That’s why he saved me from something Bad, because I made the Pact with the music. Who knows how it would otherwise run. Of course, I was sitting at the time, but not there, with the gun in Hand, and tried to kill me. It is simply a beautiful metaphor for this.

are true today. How did you know in 2010 that the breakthrough will one day come?
This is really crazy, I can’t tell you myself. When I hear the song “Black Raven”, I get goosebumps. Each And Every Time. It is arrived one-to-one, which I then addressed. Every single Detail.

I definitely have plans for me as a Person. There are many things that I’ve done in my life, because I worked all the time and me to the career I have focused. Therefore, there is a long To-do list. Since I am an artist, will have everything to do with creativity. In what Form is it, then, I can’t say now.

as cheesy As it sounds, a family.

The success brings incredible things that you can ever dream of would have never. But it changes your entire reality. Everything you’ve ever known, you can forget it. No matter what man, no matter how close someone is, no matter what there was in your life, it is no longer as before. It’s as if you’re in a different Dimension where everything is different. Where time runs backwards and the trees orange.

I would have given him tips for the career. I think I would have been much earlier successfully. I would have brought the Album “Zenit” maybe four years ago out. So I have reached personal goals, perhaps I need to take care of me now. However, I think that I’ve decided a lot of things right. There is almost nothing I would change.

at The Moment, it is actually the Sofitel in Vienna, where we are. It is difficult when you’re on the road so much, to find this sense of “I’m home”. I always have to try, that I find for myself a place where I can be for me.

home is where the people you love. Home for me but also places that tell you stories. If you go through a city in which you tell the walls stories, then this is your home. People who have all this in one spot, in my eyes, very blessed.

I was in fact in Switzerland, about six months ago. Mainly for tax reasons, I had the idea to move there. But also because my mother lived at this time in the French part of Switzerland, I played with the thought. The Geneva lake is extremely beautiful, almost like a sea. There are also palm trees and figs. However, I think that I would feel lost there. Zurich is a big city that would go. Vevey is a small town. I grew up in cities, in huge cities. Therefore, I thought that I would feel comfortable enough.


RAF Camora is an Austrian Hip-Hop musician and producer. He was on 4. June 1984 as Raphael Ragucci in Vevey born. His father is from Austria, his mother is Italian. As a 6-Year-old, he came to Vienna and grew up in the district of rudolfsheim-fünfhaus. In 2009, his first solo album appeared. In 2016, he released “palm trees made of plastic”, a collaboration Album with the Rapper Bonez MC (33). Over 200’000 Times it was sold. Together, they have sold out the biggest halls in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On 1. November 2019 appeared with “Zenit” is now RAF Camoras last solo album.