Racism in action: the fear of the coronavirus escalated senatobia

a Side effect of coronavirus epidemic has grown worldwide fear of the Chinese and all who are similar to them. In some countries, tourists from China were even attacked.

the Rate of spread of the coronavirus slowly going down. What to say about sinophobia — fear of the Chinese. This epidemic is not yet able to rein in any country.

this footage was shot on the streets of Rome. Local shouting “get out of here,” attacked a group of Chinese.

For the tourists stood up passers-by. One of the bullies – a teenager with a broken glass bottle in his hand – was detained by police. With apologies and condemnations had to speak to the mayor of Rome.

“It’s a real shame. Strongly condemn what happened: such episodes are the result of ignorance and racism”.

racism and accused the English midfielder the Case of alli. He secretly filmed a man of Asian appearance. Then he looked at the antiseptic and wrote:”This virus need to be faster to catch up with me.” The joke is not went.

“I’m sorry I posted the video to Snapchat. I immediately removed them after I realized that it could make someone hurt. I offer heartfelt regret to those whom I may offend.”

But not so long ago the football player of Nigerian descent he suffered from racist attacks of the fans. Heard not the most pleasant jokes about his appearance and even feared to go to the match with the Russian team.

Earn political points for trying xenophobia in South Korea. The leading opposition party of Korea to hold demonstrations under the slogan: “to Expel from the country and Chinese tourists, and students”.

However, it is not the Chinese and not even in the coronavirus, and the growing power of the dangerous trend of racism. Slogans, videos, and memes are instantly gaining popularity. And, the Japanese, the Koreans – not an essence important. Here and memes about Yoko Ono and John Lennon. And Koreans who have received “Oscar” for the parasites.

“I Think the producers “Parasites” just threatened to spread coronavirus, if not take the prize.”

In Canada, where one of the biggest Chinese Diaspora, held a press conference and urged to stop the epidemic – the epidemic of racism.

“I hope that in 2020 will not repeat the situation with SARS in 2003. And I’m not talking about the virus outbreak, and the outbreak of racism” — said the Director of the clinic in Toronto AVVI Go.

and Remembered the pandemic of 2009. Then, the H1N1 flu, known as swine began in the U.S. and Mexico. However, no outbreaks of anti-American sentiment did not exist. Although the rate of proliferation and the danger of swine flu is not inferior to the coronavirus.

to Punish the racists of the money calls on the Chinese Diaspora in Australia. There sued to the publication of the Rupert Murdoch. Coronavirus in them called Chinese virus. Even and mark the bottom — the Panda-monium.

Joke, but not for the 2 billion people on the planet. How they feel on the streets the last two weeks clearly illustrate here are the videos.

“do You know where I can get the mask? And where is the clinic? You gonna need a ride.”

This is of course staged, but many of the comments recognized that surprisingly accurate.