Rabinovich threatened to overthrow Zelensky and

Continuation of the policy of legalizing the sale of land in Ukraine may lead to the overthrow of the regime of President Zelensky. This was stated to journalists on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, MP from the faction “the Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

Video statements Rabinowitz publishes the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. Having a majority in Parliament of the Pro-presidential party “servant of the people” can not hear the voice of the people, said the Deputy.

“Servants” become the masters, the voice of the people there — that the whole situation today,” he said.

According to Rabinovich, the members of his faction “detained turbo”, stopped the sale of land for the New year, but this solves nothing: now the proponents of selling the land again “with firm conviction, with a formal mugs sit and just reject the step by step” all that was offered to his party.

According to the Deputy, at the upcoming session week, his colleagues are going to “try to make (the bill) into the hall and sell the land of Ukraine.” 44 members of the faction “the Opposition platform For life” will not stop the sale of land, he says: “everyone should have their say about what is happening, as “servants” don’t hear no one else.”

Monopolista Zelensky in Parliament, according to Rabinovich, can do anything you want — even to vote to declare all slaves.

“They should or be removed altogether, or they need to see in the street people who would tell them: “Dear “servants”, even a half-step toward the sale of land, and we will change our government,” — said the MP.

Rabinovich said: he is not calling for violent overthrow of the government, but only recalls that according to the Constitution, the owner of Ukraine as such — not “the servant of the people” and the people of Ukraine. If people will remember it — will it all stop.

“we Need 100 thousand people on the street — not only bought and released on his heart — says Rabinovich. — If we have such people — all will be well. If not — sorry, not really.”

on 13 November last year the Verkhovna Rada adopted in first reading a bill to abolish from 1 October 2020 of the moratorium on sale of agricultural land. If Parliament adopts the law, the land will be able to buy Ukrainian individuals and legal entities, territorial communities and the state.

as owners of agricultural land will become foreigners and persons without citizenship, if they get their inheritance. However, you have received an inheritance, they will have to sell for the year.