Each country, each big city has its symbols, its emblems. It can be an architectural work, a natural monument, a unique animal, or even a specific dish. Some are better known, others less so. Here are some symbols. Can you quickly guess the country associated with it?

The Empire of Axum was a naval power over 2000 years ago. He left behind huge stelae, a World Heritage Site in 1980. A war recently tore the region apart, but the warring parties signed a peace treaty in November 2022, which could reopen the way to tourism.

The gelada is a primate that looks like a baboon. He lives in the highlands of this country, an environment that can be harsh. The gelada can therefore rely on thick fur, which has given it the nickname monkey-lion. It is also recognized by a small hairless section of its chest, which is very bright red.

Injera is a kind of large pancake, typical of the cuisine of this country. It is made from teff flour, a local cereal. It is served on a large plate and put on it various sauces prepared from chickpeas, lentils or lamb, beef, mutton or chicken.

The village of Lalibela, the largest Christian site in Africa, is known for its remarkable churches, carved from a single block in the rock. One of them, Medhane Alem, is the largest monolithic church in the world. The site, which remains a point of attraction for pilgrims, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978.