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1/12 Classics

Backgammon, Dominoes, Chess and Checkers are considered all that old, classic games. Which is according to Store Norske Leksikon oldest?

Backgammon Dominoes Chess Checkers 2/12 the World’s most popular game Photo: Bjørnar Tollaksen / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Monopoly, where to buy and sell property, is referred to as the world’s most popular games. But what street is actually the most expensive in the Norwegian edition?

Ullevål Hageby King street town hall Bygdøy Allé 3/12 Full house Photo: Karoline P. Årrestad / NRK

What is the highest score you can achieve in the “house” in the traditional Yatzy?

33 28 27 36 4/12 the First of the above Photo: Arne Schrøder / the Perspective the Museum (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

How many balls should you move to the other side of the board in chinese checkers?

8 9 10 12 5/12 Game for the that can a little bit of everything Photo:

Which of the following is not a category in the classic Trivial Pursuit?

Science and nature Culture Entertainment History 6/12 Completely wild Photo: Thomas Hellum / NRK

the Adventurer and outdoors adventurer Lars Monsen launched in 2019 their own board games. What is the name of this?

Completely wild with Lars Monsen Lars Monsen on a trip in the wilds On a hike in the wilds with Lars Monsen Adventure in the wilds 7/12 strategy, Strategy, strategy Photo: Ole Andreas Bø

Strategy games are popular, and one of the most popular was given out for the first time in France in 1957. Here, the goal is to conquer the world. What is the name of this game?

Risk Carcassonne Settlers of Catan Pandemic 8/12 Build on wipe Photo: Screenshot / The Ellen DeGeneres Show

For a couple of years ago came a game where one should put a plastinnretning in the mouth, so to try to get people to understand what you are saying. What is the name of this game?

Alias Great in the mouth Kokkelimonke Rumor goes 9/12 Play with words Photo: NM Use/ / /

What is the name of the norskutviklede digitalutgaven of Scrabble?

Wordwar Wordbattle Wordfeud Wordgames 10/12 Jernbanebygging Photo: julochka / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

In the togspillet Ticket to Ride should you build different jernbaneruter. In the original to build railways in the united STATES, and the routes have different value depending on how long and difficult they are to build. The route that is most worth giving a total of 22 points. Where is this?

Los Angeles New York San Francisco Chicago Los Angeles – Chicago Seattle – New York city 11/12 Naughty games Photo: AT FOLGERØ

the Game Politically incorrect has become very popular in Norway the last few years. Here is it the talk of the to find as a good a reply as possible. But what is the name of the american original?

Politically Incorrect Cards Against Humanity Being the Bad Black Cards 12/12 Service and bend the Photo: Caxap / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Ok – there is well more of a gulvspill than a board game, but we take it anyway. Physical activity is, after all, important. Twister is the game where you see who can stay the longest on the legs, by being asked to place arms and legs in different colors. What are the four colors using the Twister in the game?

Purple, red, pink, and blue, Orange, green, yellow and blue Red, blue, brown, and yellow Green, yellow, blue and red, Your profit

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