1/12, The first steps in the world Photo: Episodebilde

What was Dolly Partons first solo album, which she released in 1967?

‘Hello, I’m Dolly” “Backwoods Barbie” “Little Sparrow” “Dolly, Dolly, Dolly” 2/12 Eternal love Photo: RCA Records / Wikimedia Commons

Dolly wrote the song I Will Always Love You in 1974. It is a gigahit, and did not get at least a huge boost when Whitney Houston sang it in the movie “the Bodyguard” in 1992. But who is this “you” that Dolly caters to?

A man she left for another A child she gave up at a young age His partner Porter Wagoner His beloved mother, after a harrowing altercation 3/12 Sørstatsjente Photo: Aviator31 / Wikipedia

Dolly Parton is very proud of his ancestry. Which state is she from?

Oklahoma Arkansas Texas Tennessee 4/12 Sad songs

What to call the Dolly Parton even the very sad songs she has written many of?

Sad Ass Songs Ol’ Tennessee blues Tearjerkers Weepies 5/12 Filmstjerna Photo: Mark Ralston / AFP

In which of these movies play Dolly Parton against Sylvester Stallone?

< p> “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” “Rhinestone” “Dumplin'” “Steel Magnolias” 6/12 Iconic tittellåt Photo: FRED PROUSER / REUTERS

In the movie “9 to 5” from the 1980 play Dolly Parton privatsekretæren to a tafsete boss. Along with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin do her rebellion. Who has written tittellåta as Dolly sings?

Kenny Rogers Dolly Parton the Bee Gees Burt Bacharach 7/12 Godmother Dolly Photo: Wade Payne / AP

The younger, superkjente artist is Dolly Parton gudmoren to?

Miley Cyrus Taylor Swift Carrie Underwood Katy Perry 8/12 Hymens links Photo: MARIO ANZUONI / Scanpix

How many times has Dolly Parton married?

4 3 6 1 9/12 Discography Photo: Jon Kopaloff

How many studioalbumer has Dolly given out?

50 25 42 31 10/12 Kjernefamilie Photo: Bebeto Matthews / AP

How many children did the parents of Dolly Parton?

6 12 4 8 11/12 Filantropen Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP

Dolly Parton has founded an organization that fights against illiteracy by giving away books to children. What is the name of it?

The Smokey Mountains Library Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Kids Can Do Anything! Dolly’s Cold Books 12/12 Photo: RICK DIAMOND / Afp

Dolly Parton are both many instruments. Which instrument she leaves not before at the concert?

Banjo, Guitar, Siter Trumpet Your result

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