1/11 A forgotten time Photo: Goscinny and Uderzo / Egmont

When the action takes place in the stories of Asterix?

About 500 years before Christ, About 50 years before Christ About 50 years after Christ, About 500 years after Christ 2/11 best friend Photo: Egmont

What is the name of his best friend to Asterix?

Besterix Obelix Snillifix Barbatrix 3/11 Enemies Photo: Egmont

Who is gallernes boss?

the Goths and the Mongols, the Romans the Vikings 4/11 Kraftkar Photo: Egmont

Why is Obelix so strong?

He has stolen styrkedråper He eats so many wild boar He fell in the pot with styrkedråper as a child He is in constant rigorous training 5/11 Author Photo: AFP

Albert Uderzo was the man behind the drawings of Asterix and his friends. What was the author?

René Goscinny René Descartes Virginie Despentes Marcel Proust 6/11 French superstar Photo: Photo/Copyright: Sandrew Metronome

What famous actor has the role of Obelix in the movie “Asterix and Obelix meet Caesar” from 1999?

Jean Paul Belmondo Gérard Depardieu, Daniel Auteuil, Yves Montand 7/11 When the end is good… Photo: Egmont

How to stop most of the stories about Asterix?

With a fight With that Trubadurix sitting gagged, bastet and tied up With that all bathing water in the pot with styrkedråper With an award ceremony 8/11 Global superstar

Here we see the album “Olympic champion!” on pontisk Greek. Asterix is popular in many countries. How many languages and dialects together, there is albums translated to?

107 32 54 250 9/11 Geographic confusion Photo: Egmont

What direction must the Asterix and Obelix go in when they are going to visit the visigoths?

to the East West South North 10/11 Obelix in Egypt Photo: Egmont

During your stay in Egypt will Obelix in damage to destroy an important local attraction. What?

Kheopspyramiden the Sphinx Tut-ankh-amons tomb Library of Alexandria, 11/11 Gammær’n Photo: Egmont

his brother Mircaulix as we see on the cover here, looks older, with his white beard. But what is the name of the village’s oldest man, in the Norwegian edition?

Gamlix Senilix Methusalix Geriatrix Your result

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