Cycling, the International Cycling union (UCI), the belt donning by the corona virus. In addition, a series of tough austerity measures passed in a press release, is also well-known that there are 650 applications for the postponement or cancellation of matches will be made. A new calendar is not there yet.

“in Our international federation is going through a crisis, that hasn’t been seen since the Second world War,” said the UCI president, David Lappartient. “The idle gets to athletes, teams, organisers, partners and the vast majority of the organizations that make our sport alive and keep. As the UCI continues to not be saved. The establishment of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, japan, and the many, many trips, or cancellations of races on the calendar, and the uncertainty about the second half of the season will have a major impact on the sport are the UCI.”

The International Cycling union has stated that in the last few weeks and 650 applications have been submitted to the delay, or the cancellation of the race. All of the courses are, and anyway, suspended to the 1st of June, but there have also been reports from people who have to ride in August and would like to postpone it or to cancel it. More than one-third of the full UCI calendar and will need to be rescheduled. In addition to the road racing, it is also a mountain bike is strongly affected by it. When and how the model will be revised and handed to the UCI’s don’t.

and The UCI has, in the context of the coronacrisis have set up a working group with members from the rennersvakbond (CPA), the ploegenvakbond (AIGCP and the UCI itself. Goal is to have teams and riders, through the coronacrisis in the stormy weather, ended up with a flexible framework in which it is possible to take measures in order to financially survive. Also, to the organizers of competitions, the UCI, as a gesture. The organisatievergoeding that each and every race on the UCI should be, will be refunded.