In July, the growth in the number and volume of transfers between accounts of citizens through the System of quick payments (SBP) has accelerated. Customers of Sberbank and rejection of levy Commission transfers a volume of less than 100 thousand rubles per month contribute to the promotion system. However, bankers have learned to make money on the URS due to the growth of large transfers. And if the current growth rate of this system can in the long term of one year to three years to achieve the volume of transfers from card to card.Russian banks say in July, the rapid growth of transfers through the System of quick payments. Thus, according to Alfa-Bank, their number increased by 40.3% in comparison with June, and volume — by 40.7%. In Gazprombank reported that the increase in the number of transfers in July exceeded 30%. According to VTB, in may the number of outbound transfers monthly increased by 300-350 thousand “In January, customers have sent 375 thousand in may and 535 thousand, in June — 944 thousand In July, we expect 1.3 million of transfers”,— said “Kommersant” in the Bank. Such dynamics is determined by the expansion of its presence in the system of clients of Sberbank, which started to connect to SBP from the end of may (see “Kommersant” on 27 may). The result is not the most major participants in the SBP (ICD, absolute-Bank, “Russian standard”), the share of outbound remittances to the savings Bank for the month increased from 13-23% to 22-33%. At larger operators, the share of remittances in a savings Bank even higher, in particular, the Bank “Tinkoff”, according to preliminary data, it reached 58%. According to the Director of Department of retail products the absolute-Bank Vitaly kostukevych with participation of the savings Bank to the SBP active growth of volumes of operations will be followed by the next six months, and then will slow down. Currently, SBP 86 connected banks, and before October 1, is expected to double their numbers.Strong growth in transaction volumes and is saved thanks to the abolition of commissions on transfers up to 100 thousand rubles per month. “It was promoted as the feed-in tariff policy established by the Central Bank since the beginning of may, and in General promoting a System of quick payments”,— says the head of competence centre of innovative technologies of digital business PSB Olga Aleksyuk. In may, the Bank of Russia refused to charge credit institutions for the funds through SBP and set for them a limit of 100 thousand rubles To this amount per month should pass without a fee, over and above her fee is 0.5% of the exceeding amount.In PSB, the volume of remittances of more than 100 thousand rubles per month since the beginning of the year increased more than ten times. The Bank “Russian standard”, the proportion of large transfers at the beginning of the year amounted to 8-10%, and in June reached 26%. According to the Central Bank, 96% of transfers within the amount limitations. However, if you look at the volume of transfers in the first quarter for the remaining 4% accounted for more than 50% of the total amount of remittances, and in the second quarter — more than 46%. In the opinionYu, Executive Director of the Bank “Russian standard” for the development of Elena Perova, SBP is gradually becoming a valuable alternative to transfers by card number and details. “We believe that within one year the share of the SBP will begin to approach the volume of card transfers”,— said Vitaliy Kostyukevich. The average volume of card transfers per month is about 3 trillion rubles., that is, to reach these values, you will need to save for the next year July growth rate of 30-40% per month.However, you will be able to maintain the momentum, will depend not only on the presence of a URS savings Bank customers. “How quickly this system will be the full competition card transfers, depends on its promotion, funds invested into development, training and other factors”,— said the head of the Department payments and transfers of Bank “Tinkoff” Sergey Khromov. According to the head of the Department of digital business VTB Nikita Chugunov to oust transfers from card to card, the service will need at least three years.Maxim Builov