Michael Lauber is so biased. The Federal Prosecutor must meet in a criminal case revolving around the world football Association Fifa, in the recusal. The Federal criminal court in Bellinzona on Tuesday found.

basic informal Meetings and Lauber with the President of Fifa, Gianni Infantino, of which no protocols exist. One of these Dates, the Supreme state Prosecutor of Switzerland has, as he assures, even completely forgotten. Also, three other participants in the discussion round remember, nothing more.

How is this possible?

What was there about that? Harmless Procedure Questions? How you could draw the case to Fifa in calmer waters? We went, perhaps, with the best cuisine and great wine, too serene in here? Collective Forgetting is a consequence of friendship, Yes, exuberant mood?

questions, questions, puzzles about puzzles.

gripping the head, as the representatives of international media do now: something posh clean Switzerland? It has even System?

The breakdown of the Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber does not have to be counted. The list is long and embarrassing. The intimate meeting with Infantino enough to come to the conclusion

: Now, that’s enough!

the Parliament nally, if it decides in the autumn Lauber re-election?

of course, this is not. Because Michael 0Laubers choice is not a mistake, quite the contrary. Just like it was when he was elected in 2012: a compliant Federal Prosecutor cast member who does not me in the Robe of the strict criminal tracker, or even the murky waters of money swamp stirs up. Yes, the Federal lawyer should guarantee a certain amount of Souplesse in dealing with the sensibilities of our sensitive business nation.

there are quite reasons. After all, most millionaires live in Switzerland – behind the USA, China and Japan – with around 500’000. Switzerland, the world-pipsqueak, is a treasure for money and Gold, a Paradise for global business creators, a Resort for the super rich.

to us, no one is broken. Certainly not a Federal Prosecutor with too much focus on the riff-raff, the attracted irresistibly by the equally capable, such as money addict Nation. Of course, the vast majority of the Millionarios in this country is very orderly and civilized – the own and the alien.

However, the Switzerland must live with the risk of immense wealth. She has to maintain her Reputation in a time of crime as a cross-border confusion will be operated.

To do this – would be – criminal tracker is needed, which comply with global requirements, blow up, therefore, the cantonal provincialism, so savvy professionals, the highest Standards of Western constitutional States meet, and the world’s best tools for your zugriffiges craft have.

especially not prosecutors, to do so as if!

2012 has been lifted with Michael Lauber, a top criminal Prosecutor in the office that was from 2004 to 2010, managing Director of the Liechtenstein bankers Association.

you must let it melt on your tongue: financial lobbyist in Liechtenstein, a notorious tax evasion castle – and at a time when Bank secrecy was the business model!

of Course, Lauber is to be considered of earlier Job, in retrospect, considered quite honorable to, as the Plunder of the state coffers of friendly Nations was the use of Bank secrecy at the time, also as an extremely honorable. But this was the right preparation for the profession of an attorney? According to the norms of a bright state guards right rather.

But it was in those years: don’t awaken!!

In the fall, it’s about the opposite: Finally awakening!