What damages will cover the part comprehensive insurance?

note: The part comprehensive insurance provides protection in the case of certain vandalism-damage. So they cover tires such as the cost for torn-off rear-view mirror, willful or malicious cancel from antennas, broken panes and slit. Scratches and dents on parked cars are not included in the rule. Necessarily to the small print in the contract note.

Would this happen to me with a fully comprehensive insurance also?

no, in the case of a fully comprehensive insurance, this damage is usually are all included. However, you have to wear a full comprehensive insurance with a deductible. In addition, any damage results in a downgrade in the Bonus. That is, The premiums are on the rise.

What options do I have otherwise?

you can expand the vandalism cover or a special Park complete insurance (info: comparis.ch). This is bound, in General, neither bonus, nor do you have to pay a deductible. The range of these Premiums is large, however, are free. The premium depends on the vehicle price and the risk profile of the driver (e.g., age, garage owner). For a 30 000 francs expensive car premiums are 150 Swiss francs per year. Depending on the insurer, the number of covered damage and the maximum insured sum per year, will be limited.

Is a Park insurance also, if someone scratched it with the key and vandalized my car?

Depending on the insurance: some of the wilfully caused scratches (or even Painting and Spraying of the cars) in the part of hull insurance is not automatically included, but can be against a Aufprämie (from approx. 15 Swiss francs), with the variant “vandalism all” included.

you Can purchase the old car Park insurance?

Normally, this is only possible, if the vehicle is younger than five years. The insurers to know different periods. Once completed policy applies for the entire duration of the contract.

For whom is worth a Park insurance?

A Park insurance is for all the superior value, the have a newer vehicle and yourself from the financial consequences of a car Park damage want to protect. It is worthwhile but in any case, to consult a fully comprehensive offer (the covers Yes Parking damage automatically) and compare the prices.

Every Swiss household has in average at least one car, many even two. Not only cost of purchase, repairs and Fuel all add up, but also the car insurance. With these seven tips, the Internet comparison service comparis.ch you can save on premiums without risk money.

car and much money way: Depending on the insurer, the Insurance pays after a total loss of part, much less compensation, and with the time of the spendablere according to a Comparis study is part of the geizigeren insurer.

do Not Park in the first place, but Driving is causing damage to cars. Various organizations offer in the whole of Switzerland, driving training and anti-skid courses, in order to increase the safety in road traffic. Cost: between 200 and 500 francs.