On June 10, Prince Philip († 99) would have celebrated his 101st birthday. His death weighs particularly heavily on Queen Elizabeth II, says the Queen’s former press secretary.

In April 2021, Queen Elizabeth II had to let her beloved husband Prince Philip (†) go. The father of their four children died at the age of 99. His death falls into the Regent’s most difficult two years, says Dickie Arbiter. The 81-year-old was the monarch’s press spokesman from 1998 to 2000. He summarizes: “The last two years have been difficult for her. First there was Prince Andrew and the friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, then there was Harry and Meghan literally stepping out and of course the death of Prince Philip. They were married for 73 years. She met him 81 years ago, when she was 13 and he was 18. The Queen regrets none of her decisions. If there’s one regret she has, it’s the fact that she had to let Philip go last year.”

In an interview with BUNTE.de, the British journalist goes further and explains why the death of Prince Philip (†) was so bad for the Queen. “They were just great together. He was her strength and her support. He always had the right advice. She could always ask him what he thinks. He was always there. The fact that he is no longer weighs heavily,” says Dickie Arbiter. Although the sex scandal involving son Prince Andrew and the royal resignation of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan also affected the Queen, neither of the two strokes of fate gnawed at her as much as the loss of her great love. “You can lose a grandson who leaves home to start a new life in California, but you can’t replace a husband who has been by her side for so long,” says the Adels insider.

While the Queen could not attend every event celebrating her 70th reign, she was always present in some way. At the big concert in front of the gates of Buckingham Palace last Saturday, the majesty surprised the royal fans with a recorded recording in which she raved about her late husband and her family. “My husband’s mission to protect our planet lives on through our eldest son Charles and his eldest son William. I couldn’t be prouder of them both,” said the monarch. The reaction of the thousands of spectators: thunderous applause. There is no doubt that it means a lot to the Queen that son Charles and grandson William are carrying on their father’s legacy – and in this way she is always reminded of her great love.

Dickie Arbiter also answered questions from BUNTE.de about the Queen’s state of health. According to the expert, the mobility restrictions are mainly due to two knee operations 19 years ago. This makes it difficult for the queen, for example, to climb steep steps. “There are times when she’s not in pain and then there are times when she’s in pain. You have to leave it up to her how she handles it. Although she has physical problems, her brain is razor-sharp, ”said the ex-press officer of the regent.

The Commonwealth Games are held in England in the summer. Nevertheless, a visit from the Queen should be unlikely. Prince Charles could step in.

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