The Palace is not running by itself: Queen Elizabeth ll. (93) should be around 1000 employees. You might think that it is very financially rewarding to work for the Royal family. But, above all, the boys have to make do with a meager pay.

The British Portal “Hello” has found that temporary staff receive over the summer at Windsor castle, the British minimum wage of the equivalent of 12 francs per hour. After all: The lunch was free.

A current Vacancy of Buckingham Palace reveals, according to the “Colorful” that the Queen paid to an employee in the telephone Central as a starting salary 29’400 Swiss francs per year.

the asset Manager gets 238’000 Swiss francs

Who deals with the assets of the Royal family, will also be rewarded like a king. The asset Manager of the Royals takes care of the financial Affairs of the family and make sure that nobody spends too much money. Only for himself, he must not be stingy: He receives an annual salary of 238’000 Swiss francs. (euc)