Queen Margrethe talks to the people at 20:00.

It informs the Royal family in a press release.

‘Her Majesty the Queen will tonight speak to the entire population from the Fredensborg Castle on the serious situation in connection with the spread of the coronavirus. The speech appears at. 20: 00 on DR and TV 2,’ it sounds it.

From the press release it also appears that the Queen’s speech is recorded in advance on Tuesday eftermidag.

last week selected the Queen of the leg, all activities in relation to its forthcoming 80th birthday in april as a consequence of consequence of the ongoing corona virus, that spreads throughout the world.

There was originally planned a large-scale celebration over several days with gala dinners, karettur through the streets of Copenhagen and the standing wave on the balcony – but it is now cancelled.

In a press release related to the country’s Queen at the same time to the situation in Denmark is in right now.

‘Denmark and the world community is just now in a very difficult situation. We all have a special responsibility to take account of each other and together contribute to the uk comes through the very big challenges that the country faces’.

‘I appeal, therefore, to that we all follow the government’s and the authorities’ instructions and take care of each other,’ it said in a press release.

There was at the same time, sent a ‘heartfelt’ thanks to the Danish health care professionals and others who help the danes in the midst of a difficult time.

the Queen came Thursday home from skiing holiday in Norway and have been in residence at Fredensborg Castle, where the speech on Tuesday evening also will be sent from.

“the Queen has a residence at Fredensborg Castle, and has canceled all external activities in the coming weeks. The queen follows, of course, even the advice and recommendations, as authorities recommend,” said communications director Lene Balleby to B. T. on Friday.