Queen Margrethe’s 80-years birthday has been canceled.

The typing of the Royal family in a press release Thursday evening.

the Reason behind the cancellation is the spread of the coronavirus, which right now is 674 infected with the virus in Denmark.

In the very same press release says the Queen the following on the situation:

‘Denmark and the world community is just now in a very difficult situation. We all have a special responsibility to take account of each other and together contribute to the uk comes through the very big challenges that the country faces’.

‘I appeal, therefore, to that we all follow the government’s and the authorities’ instructions and take care of each other.’

the Decision means in concrete terms is that the planned activities and events in connection with the Queen’s round birthday in april is cancelled.

at the same time send the Queen a heartfelt thank you’ for the effort, Denmark has made against coronaviruses.

‘I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to the Danish health care professionals and the authorities, institutions, companies and individuals, which exhibit great vigor and care for the Danish population, so that together we can get through this difficult time.’

Also the official duties and points with the rest of the Royal family have been cancelled.

Queen Margaret has just returned from winter holiday in Norway. She currently reside at Fredensborg Castle, where she will reside until further notice.

Queen Margrethe reaches 80 years of age the 16. april.