It is rare that queen Elizabeth speaks to the british people.

Friday, it announced the british royal family Buckingham Palace that queen Elizabeth ii will speak to the population due to corona-the crisis.

“Her majesty the queen has recorded a special broadcast to Britain and the Commonwealth in connection with the coronavirusset,” it said in a press release.

And in fact, it is extremely rare that the british monarch stands above and speaks directly to the population. The speech is just the fifth, as the 93-year-old queen provides in its 68-year-long reign – if you look away from the queen’s annual christmas speech.

The first talk she gave to the nation, came in 1991 during the beginning of the Gulf war. Six years later – in 1997 – she spoke to a population that was stricken with grief after princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris.

Queen Elizabeth’s own mother, queen mother Elizabeth, died in 2002, and it was the third time, the governor had something important and significant to announce to the british people.

the Last speech was held in 2012, when queen Elizabeth rounded a sharp corner. Here celebrated her 60’s silver jubilee.

Sunday evening, she then put another line and mark its fifth speak through his reign.

Queen Elizabeth speaks to the nation at 21.

the Announcement by the british royal family came, shortly after Britain on Friday noting a dull record in connection with the coronapandemien.

Thus was the past day registered 684 deaths among coronapatienter in the country.

It is the highest number among the british and an increase of 23 percent compared to Thursday. With the latest death toll is registered 3.605 deaths related to the coronavirus in the Uk.