Quarantine - not a vacation: the authorities of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi are calling is not to bring tourists

Russia has in recent days recorded 182 cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19, 136 of them in Moscow. The total number of cases has reached 840. The Federal operational headquarters has confirmed the first two fatal cases in the capital. Cure managed 38 people. Daily checks involved about 10 thousand police officers.

the Kremlin hopes that the Russians will not use the coming week off for travel, and will listen to the recommendations of the authorities and physicians and will stay at home. The head invariably hospitable in Moscow, St Petersburg and Sochi have already called on the Russians this time to refrain from trips to these cities.

will Restrict the flow of tourists in Crimea to move into a sanatorium will be possible only if there is a certificate on the absence of coronavirus. The first restrictive measures were imposed the city authorities, and their example has followed several regions. Petersburg, Tatarstan and Sverdlovsk oblast closed almost everything except pharmacies and grocery stores. At the same time throughout the country has already prosecuted more than 500 people for violation of the quarantine.

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