The Ministry of health of Ukraine announced the extension of the quarantine at least until the beginning of autumn. Even if the restrictions will continue beyond that period, the schools decided to open on 1 September. Closed educational institutions will remain only in those localities epidemiological situation which will be recognized as particularly dangerous.June 31 expire quarantine declared by the Ukrainian authorities in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. The Ministry of health said that from that date the country will introduce a new system of quarantine, providing for the division of regions of Ukraine into four zones depending on the prevalence of the disease. The regions with the highest number of cases are related to the so-called red zone, with the least — green. These areas are to be divided by not only region, but also cities and regions.””Red” is a rigid quarantine, which we had in late March—early April. Green area, yellow area and the orange area is lighter where restrict certain activities of, but not completely closed. Subject to epidemiological requirements to work in most sectors of the economy”,— explained the idea of zoning the country’s chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Victor Liashko in the program “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster”.At the end of the week the intention to extend the quarantine officials of the Ministry of health reported to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Then he said that the Ministry prepared the document envisages the introduction of different areas with different approaches to combat the spread of the disease.”No need to hurry with the continuation of the quarantine for a long time, it is necessary to act on the basis of the development of the situation. All sick of this quarantine. We need a clear framework for how we will continue to people have opportunities to live secure, to be able to operate the business, the economy was not on pause. So first we continue in the month, but no more,” the President said during a conference call with the participation of Minister of healthcare Maxim Stepanov.The Ministry to the request of the President listened and decided to set a new date for the end of the quarantine on 1 September. Thus, even if the quarantine will be extended after this date, the Ukrainian schools will open in the first day of autumn.”Total closure of schools in the country will not, if not exceeded thresholds for influenza and influenza-like diseases”,— said Victor Lyashko. In the case if the thresholds are exceeded, the authorities will act upon developed over many years a methodology, that is, schools in some areas may be closed because of the flu.However, the attendance promises to be significantly below normal. So, in Lviv, where on Friday, 17 July, after a long hiatus, earned kindergartens, in groups it’s only 1100 children — about 5% of the number of children who attended the kindergarten to the quarantine. The city Department of education hopes that Monday the attendance would increase, but not more than 30-40% of normal.By the way, in Lviv and Lviv region in recent weeks have managed to somewhat reduce the rate of spread of the coronavirus, so the authorities have decided not only about the opening of kindergartens, but also on the abolition of restrictions on the number of passengers in public transport and even on the free visit of religious ceremonies. Former position that allowed to remain in the service only a limited number of people — no more than one person 1.5–2 m square, is no longer valid. However, all believers are required to wear the faces of the mask. Violators of this rule will be fined in the amount of 17 thousand to 34 thousand UAH (44,5–90 thousand rubles.).The police have already mastered new methods of detecting such offenders — with the help of social networks. So, the penalty threatens the head of the city Council of Sambor of Lviv region, Yury Gamaro and head of the Department of education Sambora love voytko after the national police found in Facebook photos from the ceremony of consecration of the new building of the city Department of education, where officials were now no compulsory masks.So, the morning of July 19 at the daily briefing of the Ministry of health announced that over the past day in the whole country were identified 731 new infected, eight of the patients died.Matthew Shimanov, Kiev