a special Feature of this year was not just the weather, but the insulation on the beds: the majority of people chose to sit there. However, specialized outlets the work permit is received, so seeds and seedlings have begun to offer hardware and grocery stores.

According to Zuhra Barbacovi, representative of the regional Department of the Rosselkhoznadzor, this creates additional risks. If in spetsmagazinah, and at fairs for the last 3 – 5 years through inspections and consultation, managed to restore order, in terms of seed quality and consistency of the range register of breeding achievements, today people may face selling the old, infected planting material.

not to be trapped, it is better not to make random purchases from the slopes, in tents, near SNT, and if the sellers hide behind the guise of well-known nursery – don’t hesitate to check the documents. In the certificate the goods should be indicated the name of the variety, digital batch code, year of harvest, reproduction. For the Urals experts recommend ultra-fast and early varieties.

– Choosing a plant, keep in mind that it must fit the phase of development of our climate zone. No need to buy the “southern guests” – they are beautiful, but are unlikely to survive the winter. Seeds for testing, you can put on the table and visually separate the “outsiders,” advises Barbakova.

According to experts, this year the demand has shifted to fruit and vegetable crops: the quarantine has forced many to think about personal food security. The problem is that among those wishing to deal with the garden garden there was a lot of newcomers. These people are just risk to run into scams or start to grow in the Urals bananas without any experience.

– In General I have a positive attitude to experiment with exotic. Many whom we exchange experience within the framework of the “Ural school gardener”. Already displayed several varieties of apricot, grapes that are winter. There was a lot of vitamin and greens type salad. But the novelty is better to use caution, up to 85 percent of plantings on the site should take the tested varieties and hybrids, – said Vice-rector on scientific work and innovations, Ural state agrarian University Mikhail Karpukhin.

We’ve learned that the majority of summer residents – pensioners, although this year the country real estate have become more interested in young families with children. Buying old cultivated areas, they often try to redo everything on its own. And never think that you can build in a collective garden, and what is not.

– All depends on the category of lands: on the lands of settlements it is possible to build both residential and garden houses. Outside settlements and agricultural land – tol��to the garden. No more than three storeys or 20 metres height. The house should not be divided into separate apartments or separate parts. Until 1 March 2021 is a simplified procedure for the registration of houses in SNT by: techplan and land documents. Notify the municipality about the beginning and completion of construction is not necessary, – explains the Deputy head of Management of Federal registration service on Sverdlovsk region Mikhail Kirillov.

According to statistics, up to 95 percent of the violations in the CHT – is the capture of the adjacent non-delimited land or General use. So before you build something, make sure the actual boundaries of the area coincide with what is on paper. As for hozpostroyki, the cadastral registration are only real estate. These include built with a Foundation that cannot be moved to another location without damage. Brick fence on the Foundation is not, since relative to the earth performs an auxiliary function. The same applies to lawns, flower beds, tiling and most of the greenhouses.