Quarantine, disinfection and conventional medicine: in the Wuhan fight coronavirus

Despite the epidemic in China, there is growth in food prices and the boom in the stores. Most institutions work in normal mode.

the Girl Polina from his window shows how it looks now Wuhan. The city is still in quarantine.

“In some apartment complexes has been quarantined. Stranger there can not go out without permission too. Per family only one person every two or three days can go out,” she says.

most Often this duty of the family to send for shopping. In Wuhan supermarkets are not crowded, but there is no shortage.

for more than two thousand people became victims of coronavirus COVID-19, but the mortality rate from the disease is decreasing every week. And for the first time since the epidemic began in the day has cured more people than contracted.

the Chief nurse of the hospital Hasanian, the same one that was built in just a week in the open field, shows a system of locks and other precautions that must not release the virus from the hospital.

“This is the window through which we pass food and other things in ultraviolet emitter, which is all disinfects. These doors cannot be opened simultaneously from both sides. See if it’s open, then on this side there’s nothing I can do,” shows a nurse.

For disease control of China ready for economic losses. At the time of the epidemic 78 already canceled thousands of flights and returned 13 million tickets. And the larger the city, the more he deserted.

But what is remarkable — in Chinese stores, no rush, no queues, and the prices even for the most running goods are the same as before the plague. Everywhere only enhanced disinfection and protected from the breath of customers, cashiers.

“If we violate the requirements of national law on pricing during an epidemic, the punishment will be very severe, emphasizes the store employee Yang Hongan. — So now we keep prices at the same level and not plan to change them throughout the quarantine.”

a Growing number of countries where the virus has penetrated. Yesterday Iran announced the infections and just about the two deaths. And in South Korea, one 60-year-old woman was infected from ten of my neighbors who went with her to the same Church, despite the warning not to gather in crowded places.

In China itself, in the fight against coronavirus began to use millennial experience of traditional medicine. Herbal teas, ginseng root, parts of various animals in combination with modern drugs result. The vital energy Qi, and together with her health and was able to return hundreds of patients.