Group C

The Germans know no mercy. At home in Mainz, Germany, dismantled the Federal self the Underdog from Estonia after line and thread. At half-time 5:0 about already. In passage two, the Germans take the foot slightly off the Gas, transplanting “only” three Times. But even so, the balance of the “team” that can be seen: three games, three victories, 13:2 goals.
goals: 10. Reus 1:0, 17. Gnabry 2:0, 20. Goretzka 3:0, 26. Gündogan 4:0 (P.), 37. Reus 5:0. 62. Gnabry, 6:0. 79. Werner 7:0, 88. Sané 8:0.

thanks to a goal shortly before the end of the ulsterman claim the lead in group C.
goal: 86. McNair 0:1.

group E

goals: 8. Lobotka 0:1, 27. Kucka 0:2, 28. Sheydaev 1:2, 30. Hamsik 1:3, 57. Hamsik 1:4, 85. Hancko 1:5.

80. Patkai 1:0

group H

After the 0:1 against Iceland, the Albanians at home against Moldova, back to log in successfully.
goals: 65. Cikalleshi 1:0, 90.+2 Ramadani 2:0.

After the embarrassing performance against Turkey (0:2) is required by the French a reaction. And the Équipe Tricolore delivers, fails football dwarf Andorra 4:0. This Mbappé is celebrating an impressive anniversary. The 1:0 is 100. Karrieretor at the professional level and the age of 20.
goals: 11. Mbappe 0:1, 30. Ben-Yedder 0:2, 45.+2 Thauvin 0:3, 60. Zouma 0:4.

Before the match the two Nations with a giant Zoff was the talk of the. Chicane at the entry here, Hacker attacks there – tinder is ahead of the game. And is also pretty hateful. Six warnings by the referee speaks. But to admire, and luckily for the neutral spectator, there is also gates. Sigurdsson the Icelander with a double pack to victory. The Turks only for the goal to succeed despite significantly more possession of the ball (68 percent).
goals: 21. Sigurdsson 1:0, 31. Sigurdsson, 2:0, 40. Toköz 2:1.

group I

goals: 45.+1 Kuat 1:0, 61. Fedin 2:0, 65. Suyumbaev 3:0, 79. Islamkhan 4:0.

against Kazakhstan, he nets on Saturday – now he shoots in Scotland alone. In the case of Lukaku is also felt at the end of the season nothing of fatigue. The beefy striker marked his goals No. 47 and 48 in the national dress.
goals: 46. Lukaku 1:0, 57. Lukaku 2:0, 92. De Bruyne 3:0.

Against San Marino, there was finally a 9:0 to the Russians – in the duel with Cyprus, the Sbornaja but heavier. At the end there will be a 1:0-mini victory.
goal: 38. Ionov 1:0.

group J

goals: 8. Karapetian 0:1, 32. Ghazaryan 0:2, 54. Zeca 1:2, 74. Barseghyan 1:3, 87. Fortounis 2:3.

Insigne once again proves a fine little Feet. After as good a Corner assist by Bernardeschi, the ball feeling is threshing the Napoli Star full via direct decrease in the mesh. His seventh international goal is a wonderful. The Juventus Stadium in Turin, bringing to a boil the other. Verratti there, the fires in the final phase, the Squadra Azzurra to victory. In other words: The Italians are now after the four qualifying Play with the Maximum of twelve points.
goals: 32. Dzeko 0:1, 49. Insignia 1:1, 86. Verratti 2:1.

The Finns bring Home the duty of victory, and continue to the first pursuer of the Leader Italy.
goals: 37. Pukki 0:1, 57. Källman 0:2.



The most important information to the Em-qualification-Play from Monday is here.

The European football championship 2020 will be quite different: for the First time, the EM of more than two Nations will be played. 24 Teams compete in 13 venues for the coveted championship title. Semi-finals and Final will take place in London’s Wembley stadium.