A whole day and a whole night in the belly of a plane, in row 20, middle seat in Economy. A nightmare that could soon be in for some true. Because the range of Ultra-long-haul flights continues to grow – progress in aircraft to enable it to cope with distances of up to 14’000 or 15’000 kilometers in one go. That means flight times of 16 or 18 hours (see picture gallery).

Qantas is now planning even a connection with just 20 hours of flight time. Starting in 2022, a line is supposed to connect to flight between New York and Sydney, 16’200 kilometers non-stop. On Friday, the first start of three-test of the Airline’s flights. A Crew of scientists, pilots, and test passengers – employees of Qantas – will take off in a Boeing Dreamliner, and only on Sunday in Sydney land. With the extremely flights the Airlines react to rising demand. Despite the flight of shame as a result of climate change, the number of passengers is increasing every year.

scientists on Board the machine

the purpose of The Exercise: scientists to monitor the nutrition, sleep and Fitness of pilots and passengers. You want to check, what are the consequences of the long flight time for the body. For the passengers a extreme flight may be a pain, the focus is on the members of the crew are initially. Even today, many a crew member on days of extreme long-distance flights, the international civil aviation organization ICAO in its manual on Fatigue writes 21 hours straight, like.

For an in-line connection from New York to Sydney, the approval of the Australian aviation authority would have to be adapted to the new time of presence on Board of more than 20 hours would need to be for the flight personnel. Also, the contracts with the pilots would have to be re-negotiated, as reported by Bloomberg. Manage Qantas, the extreme flight set up, will follow further Links from London to Sydney or from South Africa to Australia.

passengers will Get more space?

On the previously established long-haul flights, large, modern aircraft such as the Boeing to be used in the Dreamliner or the A380. The Airlines can do a lot for the comfort of the passengers, such as the lighting on the plane so cycles, that the jet lag will be minimized as much as possible. However, a trip will remain in Economy Class on a trip to RUB shoulders with the neighbours.

Still, it is not certain – but unlikely – that Qantas the expensive, ultra-long-makes flights less economical that the individual passengers are significantly given more space and aboard a gym or a Yoga space. It remains, therefore, the passengers decide whether to take on the ultra-long-haul as well as possible for your physical Well-being – between New York and Sydney, each Time a trip around half the globe.

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