tweeted As Qantas on Sunday, started the machine with the flight number QF7879 on Friday evening (local time) on the East coast of the United States, and on Sunday morning (local time) according to plan in Sydney landed.

the test flight of the 39 passengers and ten crew members were on Board. The machine was refuelled before the flight in full, the number of passengers and pieces of Luggage was limited.

in March 2018 Qantas introduced direct flights from Perth to London. 17 hours and 25 minutes, the flight was hour and a half shorter than the then-long flight from Doha to Auckland with Qatar Airways takes.

the Longest Nonstop flight in the world

Now Qantas has resorted to the crown for the longest flight in the world. Since October of last year, Singapore Airlines flies directly from the South-East Asian island state to New York. Crew and passengers are wrested on the 15’344-kilometre-long route of around 18 hours and 30 minutes in the air – a record, the Qantas the competitors now.

Soon, the Australians are also testing the route from Sydney to London. 19 hours of flight from Down Under will take place in the British capital.

The marathon of flights can vary depending on the weather and Wind conditions, or longer, and some of the Crew and passengers demand. Where are the limits of people in ultra long-haul flights – this will test Qantas before the scheduled flights are introduced.

ultra-long-range flights, “questions of common sense”

To the end of the year Qantas is planning two further test flights between Sydney and New York. Up to 40 non-paying passengers are on Board whose health is being monitored during the trip.

Qantas chief Alan Joyce called the direct flights from the Australian East coast after London and New York, the “last frontier of aviation”. The “many matters of common sense”, which would provide ultra-long-haul flights would be.

As comfort and well-being of the passengers and crew with a special cabin equipment, and coordinated catering, include ensure. Are planned, for example, separate areas for Stretching and special entertainment options.

Scientific Tests on Board

the first three test flights with a Boeing 787-9 crew, Qantas staff and scientists with portable monitoring devices to be fitted, the behavior of both the sleep as well as food and beverage consumption record, which, in turn, on health and Körperuhr close.

the EEG, measuring brain activity and attention of the pilots, the most effective relaxation to derive patterns, while Melatonin values shed light on jet lag, during and after the flight to give.

it’s been 30 years since a Qantas Boeing 747 flew the route from London to Sydney for the first time. Thanks to special, in Germany, made of super kerosene, and secret planning had managed to a with 20 hours, nine minutes and five seconds long – haul flight, headed for many years the record list, but only 23 people on Board, in order to save fuel. (kes)