this year will repair the road 923 with a total area of 18 million square meters. These works will take place in preparation for winter. This was stated by the Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov.

“currently the city is working on preparing the roads for the autumn-winter period. Summer months, convenient for repairs due to low traffic, you can quickly bring the road in order to remove the rut, which can become the cause of the accident,” said Pyotr Biryukov.

He recalled that because of the limitations associated with epidemiological situation, the repair of roads was launched two months later. But despite this, the whole planned volume will be fulfilled. Timing of repair works on objects adjusted. Already completed the repair of more than ten million square meters of asphalt pavement, including in the Central streets of the city – Bolshaya Sadovaya, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya street, Bolshaya Ordynka, Tver, Prospekt Mira, highway M-10. The Deputy mayor noted the pavement on Tverskaya street, where in less than two days, replaced the asphalt on a plot of 1.3 km.

“Our experts used advanced technology seamless styling “United carpet”, – he explained. – It allows you to quickly perform a large amount of work and, accordingly, to avoid prolonged restrictions of movement.”

the Head of the urban center said that at present, repair work is conducted on the 254 road facilities, including on Leninsky Prospekt, the street of the 800 anniversary of Moscow, Dubninskaya, Yenisei and Krylatskaya, as well as on Korovinskoye highway. Recall that all the road repairs will be completed in October.