The world is because of the Coronavirus pandemic in a state of emergency. The Virus Sars-CoV-2 makes any national borders. Governments in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, and America, prepare for the worst. And yet there are striking differences in pay for the Dead.

In Germany, according to information from the Johns Hopkins University, currently 37.323 infections with Sars-CoV-2, confirmed, 206 people have died of the consequences of the virus infection. In Italy, however, there are 74.386 confirmed Diseased and significantly more deaths: 7503 have already died there (Infected Stand 26.3., 8.58 PM).

Germany stands out with a relatively low number of deaths, the so – called case mortality rate shows in comparison to the total number of registered cases. To Thursday, Italy had to Pay the Johns Hopkins University, more than twice as many cases such as Germany, the case mortality was about 35 Times higher than in Germany. Why?

“We know, to be honest, even a little”, says Richard Pebody, expert of the world health organization (WHO), the German press Agency. “The case mortality rate is a mystery.” He warns us not to compare countries, because the conditions are different in each country. “It’s like comparing Apples with pears.” There are, however, several explanations, all of which play a role.

Epidemic from Germany

“Italy, Spain, these countries are probably more in the epidemic as Germany,” says Pebody. The first cases are likely to be surfaced undetected in a much earlier and the Virus spread is likely to go unnoticed in the population. It takes after infection for a while, until complications set. Many patients are week in the ICU before they die.

map breaks down cases to the regional 10 counties in which the Corona is at its raging worst and 10, which are hardly affected

the age of the Corona-Infected

is tested Because in many countries very little, you know, the average age of demonstrably Infected. But there seems to be many younger people, the Virus had also been and no or only mild symptoms are felt.

Among the verifiably Infected, the average age in Italy is much higher than in other countries, including Germany. “Average age of corona cases Germany: 45 Italy: 63 years,” tweeted the German population researchers Andreas Backhaus at the beginning of the week. On the Online platform “Medium,” he compares South Korea and Italy to dates, which are both about the same number of cases had. In South Korea, nearly 9 percent more than 70, in Italy, more than 40 percent were because of the confirmed Infected. In the case of Younger, the infection is rather easy.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is called only the age group from 60, not 70 years. Even as the proportion in Germany is significantly lower than the Italian values: at the beginning of the week, 19 percent of the found to have been Infected in Germany, about 60, more than half were between 35 and 59. Just look at Italy, it is important to emphasize: It is about proven cases. Massimo Paolone/LaPresse, via ZUMA PRess/dpa Lombardy: The convoy of the Italian army from Bergamo transported the bodies of the deceased from the Coronavirus to the cemetery of Ferrara, where, you

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The given age structure of the cases in different countries, says something about the Testing in a country. Would be tested in Italy and more Younger, would be the case, mortality is likely to be quite different. The emergency coordinator of the WHO, Michael Ryan, refers to the unreported case of the infections: “In Germany there is a very aggressive test strategy, therefore, is likely to be lower than the total number of confirmed cases to more mild cases.”

Pebody says, in some countries, will not be made for deceased subsequently, a Test, in the other. Also, the change in the statistics. And The more an epidemic advanced, the more difficult it is for a country to test a lot, because the health system was simply overwhelmed. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’ call: “test, test, Test.” The countries need to know how the situation is. “You can blindly delete no fire,” he said.

quality health care

be Ever better prepared hospitals, the more lives could be saved, says the WHO coordinator Ryan. “If the hospitals by the number of patients to be overwhelmed, it is a simple question of the possibilities, the extent to which appropriate care can be provided, and whether you can react to any change in the condition of the patient on the intensive care unit.” Three factors were crucial, says Pebody: the number of intensive care beds, sufficient protective clothing and well-trained staff on the intensive care units.

Italy, with around 60 million inhabitants, had beds before the crisis, according to data from the 5000-intensive. More have since been created. The UK, with 66 million inhabitants, had beds, according to the national health service 4100-intensive. In Germany, with around 80 million inhabitants, there are about 28,000 and the number will now be doubled.#Corona care: Germany helps a action of FOCUS Online and Burda forward

Overall, experts agree that rigorous Testing, Quarantine of Infected and quarantine for people who were Infected in contact, a brake on the epidemic. South Korea and Singapore have implemented this consistently. In some countries output restrictions were necessary to slow the spread, the WHO. The case mortality rate in Germany is currently about 0.4 percent – is in South Korea, just over 1 per cent, and in Singapore about 0.3 percent.

The Asian-surveillance methods are for Europeans, but awesome: In Singapore, there is now a government Smartphone App that via Bluetooth to find out is, who has more than 30 minutes in less than two meters distance of an Infected stopped.

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