On the beaches of Brittany to give flushed phones in the Form of the cartoon cat Garfield puzzles. Last year alone, 200 of these plastic phones, or parts thereof, had been found, the station reported France info, citing the local environmental protection Association Viltansoù.

On Land, the Garfield would be rinsed parts section on an approximately 24-Kilometer-long coast between the municipalities of Plougonvelin and Plouarzel. “It never stops”, – quotes the channel of the Chairman of the Association, Claire Simonin-Le Meur. “In the case of each of (beach-)cleaning of them collect three, four all the phones to pieces.”

Garfield-phones 30 years ago washed up

Also in the city hall of Le Conquet you know the phenomenon. Garfield-parts would be flushed out “quite often”, said a Secretary of the mayor on Friday. When exactly does it have with the mystery flotsam and Jetsam liable to you, know you. “But we have been talking for very long about it.” The activist Simonin-Le Meur said the local newspaper “Le Télégramme”, the first Garfield phones had been 30 years ago washed up.

where the devices are exactly is unclear. The Secretary of the town hall believed that once a Container with the orange phones into the sea had fallen, the lost, and to its contents. According to France info, the landline were made with the movable eyelids in the 1980s. (SDA/wheel)