In the current time are more and more people are looking for different employment opportunities: During electronic entertainment, such as Streaming or Gaming, among the most common time distributors, there are also other entertainment activities without technology. Here we present a small selection of Puzzles, Board games and co.


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Whether you are a beginner, casual puzzler, or the expert tinkerers: Puzzles are in different levels of difficulty, and thus with a different number of pieces available. For beginners Puzzles with a manageable number of Parts, while the real Puzzle professionals, or those suffering from acute boredom or in search of a long-term project, to be able to share gripping mystery images with lots of single. Particularly eye-the “Disney Mickey – 90 Years”-Puzzle by Ravensburger, this comes to about 40,000 parts stands out there. Many different Puzzles you can find, for example, in the case of, Media Markt and Thalia.

selection of jigsaw Puzzles:

Harry Potter, “astronomy tower,” with 875 Parts

For 46,99 Euro Thalia

Legend of Zelda Puzzle with 360 Share

9.90 Euro at Media Markt

Disney Mickey – 90 Years Puzzle with 40.320 Share

For 399,95 Euro

only puzzle Paint-by-Numbers

suitable, to employ the mind and relax at the same time: Anyone who likes painting or colored, there is joy at the Paint-by-Numbers principle. Here, too, there are for every taste (and the corresponding time quota) the right motive. Idyllic landscapes, animal motives and much more – the choice is yours.

The principle of Paint-by-Numbers is easy: All Malfelder are numbered and will be accompanied with the corresponding, also numbered acrylic color. In this way, adds to the work of art. A wide selection of motifs in, for example, in the case of Ravensburger:

selection of Times-motives of:

Board games

Painting find Numbers – Skyline of New York

For 48,99 Euro Ravensburger

Paint by Numbers – Cottage Garden

For 34,99 euros at Ravensburger

Paint by Numbers – Japanese cherry blossom

For 34,99 euros at Ravensburger

you Sit with the family at home, it to play something together. In the case of EMP, for example, Monopoly in the “Rick and Morty”Version, which appeals thanks to the creative presentation Fans of the series especially. The rules do not differ from the normal Version, but the Design is definitely an eye-catcher.

In the Board game “Armata Strigoi” is about joining forces with a vampire-fortress attack, and to make the last two Strigoi kill. While a lot of strategy is necessary: the creatures of The night will not surrender without a fight. The game is suitable for two to five players, a game lasts 70 to 90 minutes.

In this tactical tile-laying game “Azul”, which was awarded the 2018 game of the year, it is a matter of the architecture-loving king Manuel I. ends satisfy and to decorate the walls of his Palace with ornate tiles. The game is suitable for children from 8 years old, but acts through tactical maneuvers even for older players exciting. Even more Board games can also be found on Amazon.

selection of Board games:

Monopoly in the “Rick and Morty”-Version

For 39,99 Euro in the case of EMP

Board game “Armata Strigoi”

For 49,99 Euro in the case of EMP

Board game “Azul”

For 32,99 Euro at Amazon