At MSU will Institute of advanced studies the problems of artificial intelligence and intelligent systems. It will be headed by the General Director of Fund “Inpractice” Katerina Tikhonova, which the media called the daughter of the President of Russia. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the presentation of the rector of the University Viktor Sadovnichy.

the Institute was created last year along with nine other institutions for advanced studies. He will be engaged in basic and applied cognitive research and will be financed from the programme of University’s development.

At the end of 2018, the Fund “Inpractice”, which Director is Katerina Tikhonova, and the founder – the state budgetary institution Moscow state University has received revenues of half a billion rubles, fulfilling the orders of state companies and corporations. In the past year, the Fund acquired a controlling stake in the company “Innoteh”.

In 2015, Bloomberg and Reuters reported that Tikhonov – younger daughter of Vladimir Putin. However, official confirmation of this information until now. In December last year at the annual press conference, Putin spoke in detail about the business Tikhonova, however, neither confirmed nor denied the relationship with her.

Putin noted that “Inpractice” is an initiative of the rector of Moscow state University, which helps to ensure that talented people from the University and their innovation has become known to a wider business. According to Putin, Russian universities intend to “combine the capabilities of our science and education with the real needs of our producers.”

“We very often buy abroad what they can produce themselves. “Inpractice”, in fact, all the activities are dedicated to this – added the President. – There are so many talented people, but it is necessary that their innovations were known to our business. And God give them success that they have achieved there results.”