Director of Director of “Concord” Eugene Prigogine reported on the preparation of the claim for $ 50 billion against the United States for “illegal prosecution” and sanctions
the Press service of the Russian Government

Director of “Concord” Eugene Prigogine reported on the preparation of the claim for $ 50 billion against the United States for “illegal prosecution” and sanctions after as in the United States court closed the case of the intervention in the American elections in 2016 against the “Concord Management” and “Concord Catering”.

“the US Government did everything possible to blame the “Concord” in violation of U.S. law. Including refused to give evidence, falsified witness statements and take all actions to prevent a fair trial, trying to convince the international community and American citizens that the internal problems of the USA are guilty of “Concord” and Russia”, – reads the statement of Prigogine, which published the press service of the “Concord,” the social network “Vkontakte”.

the statement stressed that “Concord” in court expected to publicly show the failure of the politicized charges. Termination of a criminal case means that the allegations about the influence of his and his companies for election of the President of the United States are “lies and fiction”, said the businessman.

Before the court in the US granted the request of prosecutors and closed the case against intervention in the elections, “Concord Management”, and also withdrew the charges of conspiracy to commit fraud against the United States with an affiliated “Concord Catering”. According to a statement from prosecutors, all evidence may only disclose to the defendant the methods of American law enforcement, but will not attract Concord to real responsibility, as both companies are outside the jurisdiction of the United States. The US will continue to try to bring to justice all involved in this case citizens of Russia.

As stated by The New York Times a senior official of the U.S. Department of justice, instead of having to defend themselves in court, Concord Management and Consulting has used the case to receive confidential information from prosecutors to start “information campaign”.

He noted that the trial was to begin next month and prosecutors have recommended that the Ministry of justice to withdraw the company’s charges in order not to allow Russia “to turn into a weapon of sensitive information from U.S. law enforcement”.

“Concord aggressively sought to use the legal system to collect information about how the U.S. will learn about the interference in the elections and prevent it,” reads the petition. The U.S. justice Department will continue to make a case against another company Prigogine “online research”, the businessman and the Russians, who are accused of meddling in elections.

In March 2019 team spectracolor Robert Mueller has completed work on a report about alleged Russian intervention in elections in 2016 in the US and gave it to the attorney General of the United States. The letter to Congress, announced that investigators found no evidence of collusion between the Russian Federation and the election headquarters trump, but found it proved Russia’s attempts to influence the outcome of the election.

the Ming fuin the United States have imposed sanctions against three airplanes and boats, owned by Prigogine, as he and his “Agency of Internet research” tried “to undermine the American democratic process.”

One of the business jets “Kremlin chef”, sanctioned, as it turned out, brought to Sudan by the Russian military delegation immediately after the coup in that country. The other “sanctions” the plane changed the tail number and was re-registered in Russia. And the third plane Prigogine was in the CAR 10 days before the high-profile murders of journalists. In addition, recently, CNN reported that Russian Internet trolls who try to influence us policy, continue to work, but it is better disguised, more focused and do not operate from the office in St. Petersburg, and in Ghana and Nigeria.