The US state Department became interested in the proposed by the President of Russia the summit of the “nuclear five” permanent members of the UN security Council. The initiative was announced in the article of Vladimir Putin to the 75-th anniversary of Victory. The Russian Embassy in Washington also sent material to the leading non-governmental organizations, embassies of the countries of Western Europe and the CIS.

Proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the summit of the “nuclear five” permanent members of the UN security Council has sparked interest in the state Department stated Russian Ambassador in Washington Anatoly Antonov.

“the Embassy has connected to replication of articles: she was sent to the state Department, the leading non-governmental organizations, embassies of the countries of Western Europe and the CIS”, — said the head of the Russian diplomatic mission.

In this article, the Russian President recalled that the largest States are responsible for the maintenance of security in the world, even with irreconcilable differences — geopolitical, ideological, economic.

“Our colleagues in the Lord [the Chinese President] XI Jinping [President of France Emmanuel] macron, [President Donald] trump, [Prime Minister Boris] Johnson has extended supported the Russian initiative to hold a meeting of leaders of the five nuclear-weapon States,” — said Putin.

That trump endorsed the proposal of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to organize a meeting of the five permanent members of the UN security Council: Russia, USA, France, UK and China, in March reported by the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

As the Minister explained, this topic concerns the sphere of “strategic stability” and therefore should be raised as a priority.

“we are Talking about the survival of humanity. For the first time in many years, experts are beginning to talk about the possibility of nuclear war. This is unacceptable. In a nuclear war there will be no winners”, — stated the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

A month earlier, Putin spoke in Israel, a speech at the international forum “Keeping the memory of the Holocaust, fighting anti-Semitism.” According to him, world leaders must not overlook “the first stirrings” of hatred and anti-Semitism and the duty to protect the world.

“an Example of, in my opinion, can and must set the country, the founder of the United Nations, the five powers, which bear special responsibility for the preservation of civilization. We discussed with some colleagues, as I understand it, in General, saw positive reaction,” — said the Russian leader.

Putin also said that such a summit can be held in any convenient for colleagues part of the globe.

“Russia is ready for such a serious conversation. We intend, without delay, to send an appropriate message to the leaders of the five��, — concluded Putin.

China soon declared that she supported the proposal of the President of Russia. The official representative of Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying noted the importance of the UN security Council in promoting global security.

Macron also supported the proposal of the Russian colleagues.

“My dear friend, President Putin, I agree with you that five of the founding countries of the UN have a special responsibility, a special historic responsibility, and now we need to come together,” said the French leader, speaking in Israel.

Later the United States Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan spoke about the discussion of the summit of the “nuclear five”, which could take place in the near future.

“Recently we delivered a message from the President trump President Putin, in which he agrees that the summit of the “nuclear five” is a good idea,” said the American diplomat.

He said that now leaders discuss the content and organization of this meeting.

As the Ambassador said, as Russia and China expand their strategic capabilities, needs to be complemented by the provision of “efficient, modern and multilateral arms control and risk reduction”.

“We welcome the dialogue between the countries — members of the organization. Welcome any suggestions on the dialogue among the five permanent members of the UN security Council,” — said the Deputy UN Secretary-General Farhan Haq.

Against the background of such discourse, the assistant for special projects of the Dean of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, Alex Ivic said that the US must stop trying to organize an international isolation of Russia. About this he wrote in a column for the American edition The National Interest.

According to the analyst, it will help ease the prospects of a renewed arms race between the two countries, as well as take away a number of American politicians theme for anti-Russian rhetoric in an attempt to attract voters in the “bipolar” concept, when USA are on the same geopolitical “pole”, and Russia on the other.