20 years Ago, Vladimir Putin (67) came to Power – and he has, for a long hold. Only on Saturday, Russian President wrote that after the approval of the Parliament of the corresponding law, the biggest reform of the Constitution, the history of the country.

In a rush, he has a very personal anniversary gift for a whipping. Only a referendum is still missing for the final victory. Also, if the Corona-crisis, due to the for the 22. April deadline has made: The Referendum is considered to be a matter of form. If all goes well, Putin could stay as far as 2036 in the office. Otherwise, the conclusion would be in four years for him.

In Putin’s first term, it ran super

The new Millennium, Putin first came into the highest office of the former tsarist Empire. His predecessor, Boris Yeltsin (1931-2007), the first President of Russia, had chosen the Ex-KGB officer as a crown Prince – in exchange for impunity.

And Putin turned out to be a talented autocrat. So much So that there are now a own word for it: Putinism. Oligarchs, he slowed, competitors, he had no place, friends, he was loyal. “He is a very good tactician,” says Russia expert Susan Stewart to VIEW. “Putin has no one besides yourself can be very large. As a referee he stood between the different influence and interest groups. This, he played one against the other, and a hard other to win the support of many like-minded people.”

Putin’s first years were good. The economy recovered after a huge crisis finally, the price of Oil went high, the national debt could be paid, the wages rose.

With the annexation of Crimea the turn

Then came the Constitution forced him to Amtspause. From 2008 to 2012, “moved” it to a certain extent, in the role of Prime Minister. And had to endure a violent wind, as he wanted to go back to the state. Numerous protests that accompanied the elections to the Duma and the presidential elections.

The final turning point came with the annexation of Crimea. The bigger inside the country, the resistance against his course was, the more Putin relied on repression. Neither politically nor economically the violent appropriation of the southern Ukrainian Crimea paid off-Peninsula for him.

International dropped View of Putin. The support of the Syrian ruler Assad, the possible interference of the Russian side in the U.S. presidential elections and the Skripal affair of the poisoned Ex-spy led to a deeper break with the West.

Corona is Russia hard

Also to the people, and its power draw demonstrations. “You worry much more about the society and the economy,” says Susan Stewart. Still, Putin is playing the Corona-crisis, but also ahead of Russia, the Virus will not stop. And also the economy is hard hit.

the country is not prepared. The necessary reforms have failed to materialize. “As a good President I would not call him really,” says Stewart. “Putin has acted over the years against the interests of its population. Under a different type of leader for Russia would have been able to develop completely different and much more positive.”

Whether in four, ten, or actually first in 16 years: Before Putin adopted by the state, he will bring his successor in the Position. A potential candidate? Not in a hurry.

giant Empire on a clay feet

The 17.1 million square kilometers largest country in the world from an uncertain future. After the collapse of the Soviet Union made it Russia is not the economic power. Instead, the country focused on military strength.

Putin’s last army project however proved to be a Disaster. In March 2018, he presented in his annual speech in the Parliament, his “miracle weapon”. A rocket that could be thanks to nuclear propulsion, quasi-continuous low-altitude go – out of reach for the U.S. missile defense. Last August, blew up a Nato – “Skyfall” mentioned rockets at a military site on the White sea, five people died. And US President, Donald Trump (73) quipped at a distance.

Russia’s wobbly economy is a hard time. Due to a dispute with Saudi Arabia to the Oil price, the ruble had already at the beginning of March a downturn. And since the Coronavirus still seemed far away.

in the Meantime arrived the pandemic in the former tsarist Empire. The Russian authorities have, according to the Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin (61) there is no “clear picture” of the extent of the Coronavirus crisis in the country. Sobyanin, a close Confidant of the President, admitted that in Russia probably a lot more people to be infected, as can be assumed from the official statistics.

Putin himself visited this week, a hospital for the Corona-patients in the South of Moscow. And clearly wanted to take no risk: During the visit, he was wearing a bright yellow protective gear.