Putin will speak at the beginning of the meeting with government members

Press-Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov advised to wait for the speech of Vladimir Putin, to be held prior to the meeting with government members, to learn about additional measures of business support due the situation with coronavirus.

This Peskov said, answering a question of journalists, whether the authorities plan to allocate to support the business of one trillion rubles.

He noted that this information is from the category of “heard a bell, don’t know where he is.”

In this case, Peskov said that the measures to support businesses are constantly being developed, the situation is monitored by the government and discussed various options, reports TASS.

the Meeting of the President with the government of the Russian Federation will be held in videoconference mode. It will focus on the development of electronic industry in Russia, also it will discuss current issues, Peskov added.

Earlier it was reported that the government amends the legislation to assist the economy and business situation due coronaviruses.

Specific steps support April 9 transferred the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.