Putin was informed about the plans to introduce permit system in the Urals

the President suggested to start with measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. “As you have now is the situation in the region?” he wondered at the Governor. The interviewee reported: was 243 cases per day rising by 10 people, 60 recovered. “Health care is fully mobilized to combat coronavirus”, – assured the head of the region. Attracted by the resources of private clinics, said Kuyvashev, deployed additional beds: up to April 28 must be advanced 2897 infectious beds, and the plan will be executed.

In the field of three companies produce the medical ventilators, supplies the Ural technicians go to all regions. In may, the number of manufactured devices will grow significantly, the Governor promised and reported that the region from the beginning of the pandemic, the production of respirators has increased by 60%, the fabric masks and antiseptics – five times, protective suits, three times. Actively helps the business arrived three sides, more than 30 tons of cargo, thereby creating a stock of personal protective equipment and protective suits. In near future there will be two flights. Kuyvashev promised to send the President names of people who “actively and freely help the whole health care”.

At the regional level, establish additional payments to physicians who work with patients with the coronavirus, they are summarized with Federal, told the official. Staff infectious disease departments and volunteers who work with the lonely and the elderly, are provided with free meals.

In the mode of increased readiness introduced on March 18. At the first stage the most drastic measures, a mandatory regime of self-isolation. Then there was the adjustment: the progressive removal in municipalities where there were no cases of infection. “Managed to avoid a sharp rise in the incidence,” said the regional leader.

the Approach of may holidays – it’s a risk, it is possible to predict increase in activity of residents, continued the Sverdlovsk Governor. Regional authorities expect to save social isolation: Kuyvashev made the permit system during the holidays.

Reported to the head of the region and measures to stabilize the economy, support business and help the most vulnerable. In particular, a lump-sum payment, a list of strategic enterprises, defined by industry, which can operate in conditions of high alert. To support small business provides a reduction of the tax burden and tax credits. The mechanism of the loans to pay salaries.

Kuyvasheva was two requests. “We have projected the reduction of interest income payments for utility services”, – he said, proposing to include utilities in the list of industries most affected by the spread of coronavirus and mark��ü the region about one billion rubles for preparation for the heating season.

the Second request is to add funds to accelerate the pace of construction and reconstruction of the Yekaterinburg ring road and road network of the Nizhny Tagil urban agglomeration.

“I Hope you at the same pace will implement a plan to create additional hospital bed Fund specially equipped, – concluded the head of state. – What has been done already, in principle, good. Hope you all plans run on time”.

Putin agreed that the housing and communal complex was badly damaged. “Soon we will hold a detailed meeting on support of housing and utility companies”, – announced he. In the construction industry such a meeting already happened last week, but the President assured that the subject will always be in the spotlight.

Approved by the President and the plans for the ring road around Yekaterinburg, turning immediately to the Deputy Prime Minister Marat Husnullin and instructing to contact Kuyvashev and then to submit proposals. And the construction site must be maintained, and people to borrow, and the object is very important, said Putin.